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This Phantasm: Ravager promo pays tribute to Angus Scrimm

PHANTASM: RAVAGER , probably the final film in the much-beloved PHANTASM franchise, has just released a featurette that both covers a lot of ground about the film but also pays a tender tribute to the late star Angus Scrimm, who has played the villainous Tall Man since 1979. It's a bittersweet moment, to be sure, but the release is tantalizingly close, and I urge all fans to...
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New trailers surface for Phantasm: Ravager and Phantasm: Remastered

PHANTASM: RAVAGER and a 4K restoration of the original PHANTASM are coming to theaters soon, because we're currently living in the fever dream of an 80's teenager. Now that October is drawing nearer, both films have dropped new trailers, which you can check out below! The PHANTASM trailer might be for a film that everyone has seen before, but it's a delicious...
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New images from Phantasm: Ravager, DVD/Blu date revealed?

Unlike a lot of PHANTASM fans, a fifth installment in the series isn't something I've been anxiously looking forward to ever since the 1998 release of PHANTASM: OBLIVION . It's not that I didn't want a fifth movie to happen, I just wasn't sure it was going to. With talk of a PHANTASM 5 coming and going over the years and several scripts being written and...
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The Tall Man returns in this exclusive Phantasm: Ravager poster

PHANTASM: RAVAGER is actually coming to theaters! Take a second to let that sink in. To celebrate, we've acquired an exclusive poster for your perusal, teasing the return of the Tall Man in his final outing! Combining futuristic action with the franchise's classical horror elements, the poster makes RAVAGER look like the perfect finale to a well-regarded, deeply...
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The poster for Phantasm in 4K is deliciously retro

What a time to be alive! In addition to PHANTASM: RAVAGER coming soon, we're also getting a theatrical re-release of the original PHANTASM , done up in 4K! Who would have ever thought we'd be getting such a sweet horror hookup? Below, you can check out the new poster for PHANTASM: REMASTERED, a wonderfully retro, almost cubist interpretation of the film that captures...
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Cool Horror Videos: The Real World goes behind the scenes of Phantasm III

Back in the days when I would actually watch MTV, a time known as the '80s and '90s, I was a regular watcher of their reality show The Real World. One of the seasons that had the biggest impact on me was the second, which at the time of its airing in 1993 was known as The Real World: California but is now referred to as The Real World: Los Angeles. Among the cast members on...
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Art House Theater Day event to include Phantasm screening

More than 185 theaters across the United States are going to be taking part in the inaugural Art House Theater Day on Saturday, September 24 , 2016. Among the films that will be screened in participating theaters on that date are the documentary DANNY SAYS, a one-day-only presentation of the GKIDS collection of stop-motion animated shorts A TOWN CALLED PANIC: THE SPECIALS, Terry...
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First wave of Fantastic Fest titles includes Phantasm: Ravager

The 12th edition of the film festival Fantastic Fest , an annual celebration of genre-twisting cinema, is going to be held at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin, Texas from September 22nd to 29th , and the first wave of programming for the event has just been announced. There are a lot of films that will be of great interest in horror fans in this line-up, especially the...
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UPDATED: Phantasm: Ravager arrives this Fall!

UPDATE: Per Entertainment Weekly , PHANTASM: RAVAGER  will  be hitting theaters and digital HD on October 7th , alongside the remastered rerelease of the original PHANTASM. It's official! Social media makes horror fandom so much more complicated, but it's always an exciting journey. The newest obtuse social media hint comes from Facebook, and it concerns...
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Exclusive: Don Coscarelli talks Phantasm, Phantasm: Ravager and much more!

  On Monday, March 14th, some lucky SXSW attendees in Austin are going to get the first look at the newly-restored PHANTASM , Don Coscarelli's 1979 cult classic about a small town that falls prey to a sinister, supernatural mortician (memorably portrayed by Angus Scrimm). The restoration comes at the hands of J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot production company, which took the time to...
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Exclusive: Don Coscarelli updates us on the Phantasm remake

Rumors about a PHANTASM remake have been swirling around for a long time. In fact, New Line Cinema was working hard to get a remake trilogy off the ground in 2005, former executive Jeff Katz has even said that J.J. Abrams was being pursued to direct, but that project ultimately fell apart. With the final installment of the PHANTASM series, PHANTASM: RAVAGER , approaching...
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Cool Horror Videos: Phantasm and Possession collide for Massive Attack

I can't say I ever expected to see Rosamund Pike, a Bond girl and the GONE GIRL herself, facing off with a PHANTASM -esque sphere or re-enacting Isabelle Adjani's POSSESSION subway freak-out, but that glorious sight is exactly what director Ringan Ledwidge has gifted us with in the video for the song "Voodoo in My Blood" by Massive Attack, featuring Young Fathers....
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