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The Men in Black/23 Jump Street movie has a title, reveals new logo

The MEN IN BLACK / 23 JUMP STREET crossover continues to insist that it's a real thing. Early reports of the film being pushed into production were strong, but they still could have fallen through. But with every step it seems like we're cementing in that this film is  actually happening  for whatever lunatic reason. The newest evidence? A title. As...
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The 23 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover is a go

Rumors of a crossover between the 21 JUMP STREET sequel 23 JUMP STREET and the MEN IN BLACK franchise have been floating around since the Sony hack back in 2014, but they were reasonably overshadowed by the INTERVIEW/North Korea debacle. Also, it was hard to believe that an idea so insane could possibly make it out of Production Hell. That was then. This is now. Although...
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Men in Black/21 Jump Street crossover may happen, say Lord and Miller

If you thought that MEN IN BLACK/21 JUMP STREET crossover sounded like a crazy pipe dream, you'd better wake up, because it still might happen. That's the word from JUMP STREET directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord, whose names were attached to the project when it was first revealed last month thanks to the massive Sony email hack. Though they don't confirm anything, Lord and Miller...
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Is Ghostbusters 3 in trouble AGAIN? Directors might walk away?

I'd say take this story with a grain of salt, but when it comes to GHOSTBUSTERS 3 problems, I'm pretty much inclined to believe anything. Jeff Sneider of The Wrap tweeted the following just a little while ago: Hearing LORD & MILLER ended up walking away from GHOSTBUSTERS 3 job. They were the studio's choice but wanted to keep their options openů Phil Lord and Chris Miller...
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The Lego Movie's Phil Lord & Chris Miller to direct Ghostbusters 3?

Earlier this week we learned that Ivan Reitman was stepping down from the helm of the long-gestating GHOSTBUSTERS 3​ following the death of Harold Ramis, and would now be acting as a producer and helping in the search for a new director. While Reitman's departure from the director's chair was disappoining news to say the least, there is now reports that THE LEGO...
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