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Top 10 Beach Horror Hotties!

Say what now...June already? Unthinkable. But it's true folks, and with the lighter days and longer sun exposure comes a direct correlation with the dearth of clothing. Girls, we're talking to you! So, as summer fast approaches, we thought, why not kick the season off with a heartened salute to some of the sexy ladies in beach-set horror films. You know, the kind where a summer vacation in the...
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Top 10 Horrific Movie Parks!

Well friends, after 14 long years, the gates of JURASSIC WORLD are finally opening for visitors today. You pumped or what? Truth be told, the movie has been generating a rather unanimous "meh" response, with most critics (our E.Walk included) agreeing that the FX are pretty eye-popping while the characters are sort of flat cardboard cutouts. Still, when a park full of prehistoric monsters run...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Let's Hope Dunstan & Melton Do Justice to Halloween!

It seems that every couple of months we have fresh and exciting news about the next HALLOWEEN. Unfortunately it is always a trick instead of a treat. Recently however, word spread that the latest installment has a couple of writers ready to head on back to Haddonfield. SAW IV to VII and PIRANHA 3DD scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are reported to be in the process of working...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Piranha 3DD (2012)

Since the sweat in your nether-regions is already doing a good job at it, I probably don't need to tell you that Summer is officially here. It's time for barbecues, beach days, and perhaps most importantly of all, bikinis! The horror genre has gone on to prove time and time again that blood and boobs are just about the perfect onscreen duo. That's why todays clips are...
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Horror Whores: Piranha 3DD (2012)

For today's Horror Whores we've got a couple hotties ready to give it up for The Hoff. That's right people, I'm talking about David Hasselhoff! In this clip from PIRANHA 3DD we've got Hoff singing a little song he wrote about love. His audience is a couple of hotties who are just begging for some from The Hoff. Can you blame them? Piranha 3DD (2012) CLICK...
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Face-Off: Kelly Brook Vs. Katrina Bowden

Well, I absolutely loved hearing everyone's opinion with our last Face-Off . It was cool discovering how many of you out there had seen INSIDE and agreed that it kicked all kinds of home-invasion ass! Even though THE STRANGERS was a worthy entry, it was in no way able to trounce the "mother" of all invasion horrors! (P.S. Major props to The Purge for taking a low-budgeted, horror,...
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It's the Booze Talkin': VOD is Great for Horror Fans

A few years ago there was a big announcement by Hollywood studios, and at the time it seemed like the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard: they were going to start releasing movies on video the same day the movies hit theaters. How the flying f*ck does that make any sense? No one is going to see a movie in theaters if they can get it on video the same day, right? This move was surely...
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Dissecting Actress Danielle Panabaker

“Danielle Panabaker” Buy MR. BROOKS here! Everybody loves the girl next door, especially if the said girl next door is in a horror movie. We’ve hit up a few Scream Queens in past articles of Dissecting the… , but there seemed to be one glaring omission that stops now: the lovely Danielle Panabaker. From THE CRAZIES to FRIDAY THE 13TH to THE WARD...
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