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The Lure (Movie Review)

PLOT : Two mysterious sirens - mermaid like creatures who lead men to their deaths - happen to join a cabaret. When one of the strange young women falls for a local musician, the two find themselves facing off against each other leading to a deadly sibling rivalry. REVIEW : This has been a good year for horror. And as we head into December, I didn’t...
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Demon (Movie Review)

PLOT: During his own homespun wedding ceremony, a bridegroom named Piotr (Itay Tiran) is slowly subsumed by a female demon whose skeleton he accidentally dug up in the front yard. REVIEW: As a handful of short films paved the way for a pair of promising features - MY FLESH MY BLOOD in 2009 and THE CHRISTENING in 2010 - it's almost unfathomable if not bittersweet to report...
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NSFW trailer for Polish horror flick Demon debuts

Thanks to IndieWire, our first intro to the Polish horror pic DEMON comes via a brutally NSFW trailer. The flick, from director Marcin Wrona (MY FLESH & BLOOD), will make its world premiere at TIFF, highlighting the Vanguard Section of the acclaimed festival. Cop a peek at the nastiness below! "A young man is a stranger visiting the hometown of his future wife. As a...
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