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Cool Horror Videos: Rings TV store prank full of nope

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. In an effort to gain some publicity for the upcoming release of the new horror sequel RINGS (sequel to 2002's THE RING . Duh.) the folks in charge of the film's viral marketing thought, "What better way to get butts in seats than scare potential viewers to instant death with a celever bit of jack-ass-ery? It's brilliant!" Now...
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Cool Horror Videos: Another terrifying Owlman prank!

We can't get enough prank videos around these parts - because we're children, you see - and one of the best thus far has been the attack of the "Owlman." We first saw the hideous creature appear this past summer , and now he's back to stalk a new set of hilariously unsuspecting bystanders. (One of them even stands up to the Owlman and tells him to "F*ck off!") See, this is what you...
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Cool Horror Videos: Clown Chainsaw Scare Prank

You know what's scarier than a clown? A clown with a chainsaw, that's what! And some unsuspecting people are about to find out the hard way just how scary a chainsaw-toting clown can really be. Today we have a cool horror video featuring a Clown Chainsaw Scare Prank that would have me shitting my pants. The clown's maniacal laughter would be enough to freak me out, but...
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Cool Horror Videos: Ouija Psychic Terror prank

Universal's supernatural horror tale OUIJA will be haunting theaters on October 24 and today we have a new Cool Horror Video prank that revolves around the ouija board that is guaranteed to freak you out and cause you to break out in laughs. This prank also involves a 'psychic' with a very special (and freaky) ability as well as a well-timed zombie reveal that leads to...
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Cool Horror Videos: Scary Dead Girl Prank

There's nothing like a good old fashioned scare prank to really get your adrenaline pumping (or cause you to break out in hysterics). Today we've got a Cool Horror Video from the folks at PrankvsPrank titled 'Scary Dead Girl Prank' that went online only a few days ago but has already garnered almost 2 million views. It's funny stuff and some of the reactions to...
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Cool Horror Videos: Flesh Eating Zombie Attack Prank

We've seen a lot of great horror prank videos over the past few months (the Killer Clown vids ranking amongst the best), but today's Cool Horror Video of a Flesh Eating Zombie Prank by the jokesters known as Royal Stampede had me laughing the hardest. Sure, I'd be scared shitless if I ran across a zombie munching on a mutilated body, and my reaction would likely be exactly...
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Cool Horror Videos: Killer Clown Prank 3 - The Uncle

Those merry jokesters at DM Pranks are at it again, bringing us a third installment of their "Killer Clown" scare pranks and this time the wicked clown has brought along his equally-as-terrifying uncle to join in on the bloody fun. Whether you have a fear of clowns or not, you gotta admit that these pranks would cause you to soil your pants if you were the victim/mark....
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Cool Horror Videos: Telekinetic Priest Attack Scare Prank

We love a good scare prank around here, and no one does it better than DM Pranks, the twisted sickos behind the Evil Killer Clown pranks we brought you last month. Now the merry pranksters are back with a creepy new gag, this one involving a telekinetic priest. Watch as unsuspecting marks are scared out of their wits by this creepy priest who can levitate people and cause objects to...
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Cool Horror Videos: Return of the Killer Clown prank

Last month we brought you an awesome Cool Horror Video from DM Pranks featuring a creepy killer clown and his oversized hammer as he scared the living daylights out of unsuspecting people to hilarious results. Now the pranksters have returned for another round of scare pranks in which the creepy clown utilizes ominous music boxes and smashes the head of a fake body under an enormous...
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Cool Horror Videos: Lie Witness News takes on Godzilla

So, yeah...some people just can't differentiate between reality and fiction. That doesn't mean we shouldn't find entertainment in them, though. That's exactly what Jimmy Kimmel does with his Lie Witness News segment, and in his most recent one he took to the streets to talk to people about GODZILLA, asking people this question: considering Godzilla is based on the true...
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Cool Horror Videos: Walking Dead zombie prank

I'm not sure that anyone is going to be able to top the amazing promotional prank that we saw from the DEVIL'S DUE last month that unleashed a demonic baby in a stroller straight from the depths hell. AMC decided to try their hand at a prank of their very own where they stuffed a bunch of walkers under a sidewalk grate in the city. The plan is simple: wait for some...
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Cool Horror Videos: Norman Reedus gets pranked zombie-style

With the mid-season return of "The Walking Dead" just a few weeks away (February 9th, so mark those calendars!) the cast of the popular series have been busy doing the press rounds and during a recent stop in Tokyo "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus, who plays everyones favorite crossbow-wielding badass Daryl Dixon, was the butt of a prank put together by makeup...
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