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First banner for The Predator is one beautiful motherf*cker

This past weekend, Collider was at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas and caught sight of this awesome new banner art for Shane Black's upcoming reboot of PREDATOR called THE PREDATOR. The new banner poster, which you can check out below, is awesome for two reasons. One, it is the very first look we have been gifted of official sales art for the flick. And two, the banner's...
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Alien Vs Predator Unrated Director's Cut (Arrow Recommends)

"Arrow Recommends is a column that has my sorry ass advise older movies to your royal asses. I will be flexible in terms of genres i.e. I will cover whatever the bleep I want. For now, it will be the way to keep my voice on the site." PLOT: A team of archaeologists & scientists are recruited by Weyland Industries for a mission. They wind up in Antarctica and find...
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The Predator set pics show us Boyd Holbrook, a tank, and a dead body

Filming is currently underway on Shane Black's reboot of PREDATOR , and it was only a matter of time before someone slipped up and a few set pics landed on our lap. Well, that day is today, and while the pics are nothing mind-blowing (no Predator on set yet, folks) they do give us a good look at a tank, a few of our lead characters, and a dead body with, what looks to be, the...
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Shane Black assures fans The Predator will not be CGI

You know, the thought never even crossed my mind that the Predator in Shane Black's new THE PREDATOR flick would be CGI. And now that Shane himself has given us confirmation that the character will NOT be CGI, the horror of why I never thought about that before hit me pretty hard. I mean, movies nowadays love to CGI characters. Hell, they even love to CGI people. But I guess...
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The Kill Counter: Predator (1987)

"Well long, tall Sally she's built for speed, she got everything that Uncle John need , oh baby.." Ever wonder how many peeps get hacked and slashed, sliced and diced, within your favorite horror flicks? Well, worry no longer as far as John McTiernan's 1987 sci-fi/action/horror masterpiece goes. has just released the newest video in their KILL...
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Edward James Olmos joins Shane Black's The Predator!

The casting for Shane Black's THE PREDATOR keeps rolling in!  I mean, the movie is currently shooting in Vancouver and has already locked down Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Yvonne Strahovski and Olivia Munn, along with the most recently announced Jake Busey. Now THE PREDATOR will also be stalking...
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Cool Horror Gear: 30th Anniversary Predator shirts, socks, and masks

While we have all been giving mucho love to the upcoming Shane Black-directed THE PREDATOR , let us not forget about the original. As if that were possible. 30 years ago, PREDATOR hit theaters on June 12, 1987, and a new icon was born. And he was one ugly motherf*cker. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of PREDATOR , Fright Rags will be releasing a whole new set of badass shits,...
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The Predator adds Alfie Allen, and actually DOES take place in suburbia?!

Okay a bit of truth time here on the AITH news feed. I have not seen one single episode of HBO'S titties and dragons TV series GAME OF THRONES. I know, I know. How does that happen? I couldn't tell you to be honest. I also don't watch THE WALKING DEAD .  What can I say, enough peeps tell me everything that happens every week (especially WALKING DEAD) that I guess I feel no need to...
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Predator has been cast in Shane Black's The Predator

When Shane Black first became attached to THE PREDATOR I almost died from fanboy ecstasy. Then came word Black would be joined by Fred Dekker to write script and I thought I was living in a fantasy world of awesomeness. Then came news of The Punisher would whoop some Predator ass with Tom Jane joining the party. The news is really too much sometimes. I laid low and waited/hoped...
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Cyber Monday! Deals on Movies, Books and Toys!

Didn't get your fill of Blu-rays, books and toys during Black Friday ? Then thank Zeus for Cyber Monday, which is yet another day when everyone (including us) shills goods for the gift-buying season. Today we've got a new selection of, well, Blu-rays, books and toys. What else! Scroll down and see if the holiday spirit doesn't just make the money jump right out of your wallet!...
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Dissecting Stan Winston!

"People who are afraid to go to horror movies are generally afraid their whole lives. People say to me, 'Do you have nightmares?' I never have nightmares! And I go to movies and see the most bizarre things in the world, and go... Wow that is really sick, how fun is that! And I don't have to carry it around. I think that's very healthy." --- STAN...
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Predator gets a 2K restoration and theatrical re-release in France

June 12, 2017 will mark the 30th anniversary of the release of John McTiernan's sci-fi action thriller classic PREDATOR . Several months later, on February 9, 2018, Shane Black's "inventive sequel" THE PREDATOR is set to reach theatres. France's Capricci Films is getting a jump on both of those dates, with plans to re-release PREDATOR into a limited number of...
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