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Exclusive clip from Joel Edgerton-starring psychological thriller Wish You Were Here

We're big Joel Edgerton fans here on AITH so anytime he's involved in a film we perk up and take notice. From his strong work in ANIMAL KINGDOM and THE SQUARE to his portrayal of teacher-turned-MMA fighter Brendan in WARRIOR, the guy always seems to deliver top-notch performances. And whatever your thoughts on 2011's premake THE THING are, you can't deny that Edgerton...
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Jane Levy going to A Dark Place

"Suburgatory" star Jane Levy, who will next be delighting and terrifying fans in her role of Mia in the upcoming EVIL DEAD remake, has just signed on for another genre film, scoring the leading role in Bharat Nalluri's horror thriller IN A DARK PLACE. IN A DARK PLACE is a psychological thriller focused around a young American governess, played by Levy, who goes to London to take care...
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The Psychiatrist trailer is here to diagnose you

THE PSYCHIATRIST invites you to have a seat on the couch and check out the trailer for Richard L. Davies upcoming mental horror film. THE PSYCHIATRIST stars David Hoyle (Uncle David, Velvet Goldmine, Nathan Barley) as Dr. Rosenburg, an insane psychiatrist who attempts to talk his most vulnerable patients into suicide, but when people connected to him who aren't his patients start...
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