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Labyrinth 2 coming soon from the director of Evil Dead & Don't Breathe

My buddy's daughter calls me "Uncle Chicken." True story. This is because I was talking to her once and mentioned that David Bowie in LABYRINTH used to freak me out as a kid. The small blonde child laughed in my f*cking face and branded me Uncle godd*mn Chicken forever more. I still don't take it back. RIP David Bowie.  Today we have news that EVIL...
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Top 10 Killer Dolls!

Jesus Christ! Why are dolls so damn petrifying? What gives? Is it the inanimate stillness? Is it the rosy cherubic cheeks, beady eyes and perpetual childlike appearance staring at you lifelessly for all eternity? Or the opposite? Is it the lifelike mobility and creepy android behavior of the more advanced dolls? What the hell is it? Well, whatever it is, such a fear has been used to tremendous...
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Face-Off: Dead Silence Vs. Insidious

It was a thrill seeing that everyone had a roar-some time with our our last ode-to- PACIFIC RIM (which also was incredible) Face-Off . The majority did agree with me that Godzilla was the rightful winner over King Kong, so I'm glad that pressing, worldwide debate can be put to rest. Today's spooky Face-Off pays homage to the great James Wan who has gifted and perhaps even elevated...
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