QED buys mutated humans vs. wolves spec Yellowstone Falls

QED has acquired Dan Kunka's spec script YELLOWSTONE FALLS, an unusual ' versus ' tale that pits wolves against mutated humans set to be produced by Kevin Misher and QED’s Bill Block, according to Deadline. Kunka, who most recently sold his script BERMUDA TRIANGLE to Warner Bros, with Charles Roven and Madhouse producing, has been on a roll lately, also selling his spec...

QED acquires zombie pitch 19; trilogy planned

One thing about zombies - you can't keep 'em down because they just keep coming. And that goes double for zombie films! Deadline is reporting that QED International‘s Bill Block has made a pre-emptive acquisition of the zombie thriller 19 , and reports that a pitch will be written by Jim Agnew & Sean Keller. The intention is to turn this into a trilogy....

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