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The impossibilities are endless in new Doctor Strange trailer

Three months after blowing our minds with the first trailer for their upcoming cinematic adaptation of the DOCTOR STRANGE comic books, Marvel Studios has released a second trailer, one that gives a look at even more of the jaw-dropping visuals director Scott Derrickson ( DELIVER US FROM EVIL ) has in store for us. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen...
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Trailer for Doctor Strange is a mind-blowing trip

They're not typically the sort of movies we cover here on Arrow in the Head, but I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have always been a Marvel Comics reader, and my lifelong enjoyment of those comic books has extended into a strong appeciation for the films based on them. My hype levels are high for the May 6th release of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and the MCU entries that will...
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Top 10 Airplane Thrillers!

So, Malaysia Flight MH370? WTF?! No doubt one of the most captivating, mystifying, terrifying...not to mention unprecedented real life scenarios- one plucked right out of a Twilight Zone episode - to ever materialize (or vanish) in front of the world stage. So many theories, so many possibilities, so little (deliberate) information and evidence actually divulged. Unreal. But with all the...
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Dissecting Writer/Director Brian De Palma!

WRITER/DIRECTOR BRIAN DE PALMA Buy DRESSED TO KILL here In his halcyon days, Brian De Palma was one badass motherf*cker! As a staunch Hitchcock acolyte, De Palma's deft understanding of camera framing, movement and composition...all in the name of building suspense and mounting tension...is really second to none. At least, it was in the 70s and 80s. As you may...
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Watch the first four minutes of Brian De Palma's erotic thriller Passion

Brian De Palma is back making glossy/sleazy erotic thrillers with PASSION , starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. The first four minutes of the film have appeared online and can be viewed below. Nothing exceptionally thrilling happens here, although there are plenty of lesbian undertones to get your blood-pumping a little. Brian De Palma returns to the sleek, sly, seductive...
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Brian De Palma's Passion gets a sexy new trailer

Brian De Palma's latest erotic thriller, PASSION , looks like an amusingly trashy good time. Murder, sex, lesbian kissing, split-screen intrigue - it's De Palma through and through. The latest trailer for the film has been released, and you can watch it below. Based on the 2010 French thriller Love Crime, Passion tells the enthralling story of a deadly power struggle...
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Brian De Palma's Passion, starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace, gets a new poster

Brian De Palma returns to the sleek, sly, seductive territory of Dressed To Kill with an erotic corporate thriller fueled by sex, ambition, image, envy and the dark, murderous side of PASSION . A new poster for the sure-to-be-sexy flick has arrived, and you can stare at it below. The film stars Rachel McAdams (Midnight In Paris, Sherlock Holmes, Mean Girls) and Noomi Rapace...
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