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Horror thriller The Rake sweeps up Shenae Grimes, Rachel Melvin and more

"Good god, do you see it? Can it be?! Oh Christ, it's true! THE RAKE is here!" That's just piece of imagined dialogue from, yes, THE RAKE , a horror thriller announced today in Variety. The flick, which is being helmed by Tony Wash (who has a handful of horror shorts to his name), will star 90210's Shenae Grimes (pictured below), ZOMBEAVERS cutie Rachel Melvin (pictured above),...
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Zombeavers trailer will dam you to hell!

Here's something you've probably been waiting for with baited breath: the official trailer for ZOMBEAVERS , Jordan Rubin's goofy horror-comedy about... well... I assume you know. Flick is chomping its way to VOD in less than a month, so get an early taste of it right here. Starring Rachel Melvin, Lexi Atkins, Jake Weary, Cortney Palm, Hutch Dano, Peter Gilroy, Bill Burr & John Mayer...
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New still from Jordan Rubin's Zombeavers

Right on the furry heels of yesterday’s news that Jordan Rubin’s ZOMBEAVERS will be landing on VOD platforms and limited theaters on March 20, 2015, is an all new still that shows one of the titular man-eaters with a knife firmly planted into its skull. Watch the trailer HERE if you missed out on its gory goods! The synopsis: The film follows a group of...
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Jordan Rubin's Zombeavers Tribeca festival one-sheet will dam you to hell!

I still chuckle everytime I hear the title ZOMBEAVERS, but I'm dead serious about wanting to check this one out! Last month we learned that Jordan Rubin's horror-comedy was scheduled to hit the Tribeca Film Festival and today we have a new festival one-sheet for the flick that will ' dam you to hell '! On Saturday night the Tribeca Film Festival will host the...
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New stills from Jordan Rubin's Zombeavers show titular beasties in action

I still chuckle everytime I hear the title ZOMBEAVERS, but I'm actually quite excited to check this one out. The idea of furry undead rodents terrorizing a group of college kids brings a goofy smile to my face. I think director Jordan Rubin has a minor cult classic on his hands here. Let's hope the film delivers some gruesome fun when it finally gets a wide release. Today...
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New images from Jordan Rubin's horror-comedy Zombeavers

Last week we learned that Jordan Rubin's creature feature ZOMBEAVERS would be premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival as part of the Midnight program and today we have a handful of new behind-the-scenes images and stills from the highly anticipated horror-comedy to share with you. You know the story: sexy teens head to a secluded lakeside cabin for a weekend of debauched fun,...
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The Oscars are no match for Jordan Rubin's Zombeavers

Jordan Rubin's ZOMBEAVERS is looking to get in on some Academy Award action as the film has conjured up three brilliant posters that take a bite out of a few of this year's top nominees. The large undead rodent bares its fangs on posters for GRAVITY, AMERICAN HUSTLE and the phone sex sensation of the year HER. "To me it’s all about doing it straight,”...
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Zombeavers director says film is 'pure horror', will play it straight

How serious can you take a film with the title ZOMBEAVERS? Just saying it outloud makes me giggle. But the films director, Jordan Rubin, wants you to know that while the title may be goofy, the film will play its horror straight. Ever since we brought you the trailer for ZOMBEAVERS earlier this month the response has been mixed. Some think it's an awful idea with an equally...
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We'll all be 'Dammed' by this poster for Zombeavers

Writing up news on ZOMBEAVERS will never fail to bring a goofy smile to my face. Yesterday we hit you with the first official trailer for Jordan Rubin's ZOMBEAVERS, which is currently being shopped around the EFM in Berlin with BIG ASS SPIDER 's Epic Pictures handling sales, and today we've got our hands on the sales poster for this badboy which warns that...
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Official trailer for Jordan Rubin's Zombeavers

Well, guys, we've officially seen it all. Someone made a movie about zombie beavers that attack a group of college kids at a riverside cabin. And that someone is director Jordan Rubin who says, “This may very well be the most important film you will ever see about zombie beavers.” I like this guy. The appropriately titled ZOMBEAVERS is currently being shopped around...
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