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Theaters announced for next week's Alien (1979) re-release

Next Wednesday is officially ALIEN DAY ! ALIEN DAY for those who don't know is the official day where fans all come together to celebrate all things ALIEN . This always takes place on April 26th . Why? It's a clever call-back to planet LV-426 from Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece. This year's main event will be the theatrical re-release of the original...
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Trailer for Eric Red's zombie in space Containment! Graphic novel re-release

Eric Red's (THE HITCHER, BODY PARTS, 100 FEET) f*cking awesome (it should be a movie)  zombies-in-space graphic novel   CONTAINMENT is being re-released for the first time in beautiful hardcover and in digital editions from SST Publications. In celebration, Red cooked up a trailer for the book which you can clock below. You can order CONTAINMENT HERE and here is...
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Saw 10th Anniversary re-release poster and trailer

How in the hell is SAW ten years old already? Mind-boggling, but it is indeed a fact, and to celebrate Lionsgate is re-releasing James Wan's directorial debut for one week only this Halloween. Because if it's Halloween, it must be… Today the poster and trailer for the revival have come to light, and you can see them both below. The film originally opened on October...
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Universals re-release of Jurrasic Park gets a terrifying new poster

Steven Spielberg's JURASSIC PARK turns 20 this year and Universal Pictures will be re-releasing the film with a one-week IMAX 3D run starting on April 5. To celebrate the release the studio has unveiled a brand new, totally badass poster for the flick, which you can check out below (courtesy Cine1 ). Written by Michael Crichton and David Koepp based on Crichton's popular novel,...
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V/H/S will get a re-release on VHS

We reported a while back that V/H/S was getting the video tape treatment in the UK. Now it seems that us Yanks are about to enjoy the same privilege. Timed to coincide with the Sundance premiere of S-V/H/S, last year's anthology horror hit will be arriving on its titular format in North America. Though there are few details regarding the VHS release of V/H/S, we do have a nice...
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