Where in the Horror are they Now? Kyle Gallner!

KYLE GALLNER THEN: There are certain actors that are just cool. Of course they have a ton of talent, but there is something more going on. These are the kind of guys that can garner sympathy even if they are playing a massive jerk. Kyle Gallner is one of those dudes - the man is impossible not to connect with on-screen (and off). While he may have started his career...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Ashley Laurence!

ASHLEY LAURENCE THEN : One of my first jobs in Los Angeles was working at a video/record store called Music Plus… remember them? While ringing up a dark-haired beauty of a customer, I noticed that she had a rubber chicken key chain. This fascinated me. And it was even more exciting when I realized just exactly who the customer was. Standing across from me was the...
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First official clip from MJ Dixon's Slasher House

Last week we brought you the US trailer for MJ Dixon's SLASHER HOUSE, a little indie that we've been following for a while. The film is set to be released on DVD in the UK on April 29th (click HERE to pre-order that badboy) and the word is distributor Chemical Burn Entertainment will be scheduling a North American release for the flick in late 2013/early 2014. To keep you stoked...
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US trailer for MJ Dixon's Slasher House slices its way online

We've been hearing a lot about MJ Dixon's SLASHER HOUSE over the past few months, seeing a new trailer and poster cut their way online back in January and sharing the news that the film scored UK distribution via Safecracker Pictures in late February. While we wait on word of a US release for the flick (we're hearing early 2014, but that hasn't yet been confirmed) we have a brand new...
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Dissecting Actress Angela Bettis

”Angela Bettis” Buy CARRIE here! There are plenty of unique-looking dude actors out there who have thrived in the horror genre, as male horror stars don’t have to be supermodels. But females in the genre? That’s another story. They have to be smokin’ hot Scream Queens with big hooters and a killer set of lungs. Which is why actress Angela Bettis is...
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Slasher House scores UK distribution; US release not far behind

It was only a few short weeks ago that we shared the latest trailer and poster for director MJ Dixon's SLASHER HOUSE (check out our last report HERE ) and today we have the news that slasher fans in the UK will soon be able to cop this cool-looking lil flick as it is scheduled to be released on DVD on April 29. When Red awakens in a prison cell within an old abandoned Madhouse, she...
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Slasher House slices up a new trailer, poster

It's been a long 16 months since our last update on director MJ Dixon's SLASHER HOUSE (see our last write-up HERE ), and in that time the film has been completed, screened at several festivals, and has scored itself an updated trailer and a new poster which we have below for your perusal. From the makers of Creepsville comes a new slasher movie that will change the game forever. When...
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