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Scream queen Danielle Harris to take break from acting to focus on family, directing

Here at AITH, we've never been shy about sharing our love for all things Danielle Harris. The uber-hot scream queen remains one of our favorite actresses and has most certainly proven she's got the chops to handle shite behind the camera with her directorial debut AMONG FRIENDS. She was recently announced as one of the female leads in the Soska Sisters upcoming SEE NO EVIL 2,...
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Iconic cult director Albert Pyun announces retirement

A sad bit of news for fans of cult director Albert Pyun today as the filmmaker has just announced his retirement due to health reasons on his official Facebook page . As a so-called 'child of the 90's' I grew up with Pyun's films, many of them being regular rentals at my local video store. Even before then, one of my earliest memories was catching the last half-hour or...
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