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Answer The Call on DVD and Blu-Ray this June

Brad Anderson's surprise hit THE CALL , which stars the always alluring Halle Berry, earned almost $46 million at the box office domestically (and is just beginning to open overseas in Europe and Asia, earning $1.6 million so far in Russia). Not too shabby considering its $13 million budget. Audiences seemed to have dug it and our own The Arrow said it was worth a watch , and if you...
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New featurette for Brad Anderson's The Call

Brad Anderson's THE CALL , starring one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, Halle Berry, and a hideous wig, hits theaters today and we have a brand new featurette for ya to check out below. In the short featurette, featuring Anderson, Berry and co-star Morris Chestnut, the actors share their thoughts on the making of the film and the motivations behind their characters while Anderson...
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European poster for Halle Berry's The Call loses the red

Brad Anderson's THE CALL is really starting to heat up with all the promotional videos and its release just around the corner. The latest European poster ditches the red theme for a cleaner version that you guys can take a peak at below. It isn't anything entirely mind blowing but it's something to hold you over until the release, so there's that! THE CALL will be out on March 15th...
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