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Tobias Menzies will take on a mysterious predator in AMC's The Terror

On January 6, 2017, genre fans will have their chance to see actor Tobias Menzies deal with vampires and werewolves on the big screen when UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS is released in theatres. Later in 2017, Menzies will be dealing with a different sort of creature on the small screen, as he has signed on to play a member of the Royal Navy in the AMC anthology series The Terror ....
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Trailer: IBM has an AI pick out the scariest scenes from Morgan

The upcoming sci-fi thriller MORGAN is like a younger-skewing EX MACHINA , so the producers decided that their newest trailer should be designed by someone tuned into that kind of storyline: an actual IBM AI. The scientists used experimental Watson APIs to analyze hundreds of horror movie trailers, assessing what kind of shots scare people the most and then using that...
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Morgan (Movie Review)

PLOT: After a violent outburst, Lee Weathers (Kate Mara), a bigwig corporate risk consultant, is brought into a wooded compound to assess the commercial viability of a newly minted android named Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy). REVIEW: If vision is indeed a genetic trait, there's no wonder that iconic filmmaker Ridley Scott has blessed his son Luke with a trained and talented eye...
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Cool Horror Videos: Robots react to the Morgan trailer

This is too bizarre not to share. For some reason, the marketing department behind Luke Scott's upcoming sci-fi horror movie MORGAN have decided to show the teaser trailer for the film to two of the most advanced robots on the planet, magicLab's EDI (Electronic Deceptive Intelligence) and the University of Pisa's FACE (Facial Automation for Conveying Emotions), and shoot a video of...
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Trailer: Morgan was a beautiful baby, but look at her now...

I feel like I hadn't heard a whisper from MORGAN until a couple weeks ago, and now it's almost in theaters. A lot of movies with that kind of press seem to zip in and out of theaters without anybody particularly caring, but MORGAN is actually looking better and better. This new trailer shows a little more of the process of the experimental teen's upbringing, and how she...
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Morgan director Luke Scott to helm Donner Party film The Hunger

20th Century Fox has acquired the film rights for a novel that hasn't even been written yet, setting up a cinematic adaptation of Alma Katsu's  THE HUNGER based on the proposal alone. While Katsu gets to work on writing the book, which will be published by G.P. Putnams Son and was created by content developer Paper Lantern Lit, Fox is already teaming with Ridley...
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Kate Mara and Toby Jones discuss Morgan in clip from sci-fi thriller

We're less than three weeks away from the theatrical release of MORGAN , a sci-fi thriller from director Luke Scott (son of Ridley), and a new clip has arrived online to entice you to see the film when it's released on September 2 nd. Scripted by Seth Owen and starring Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh,...
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Morgan clip: Paul Giamatti might face a malpractice suit... if he survives

In this new clip from the upcoming Ridley Scott-produced sci-fi thriller  MORGAN , Paul Giamatti is no good guy. His role as a doctor tasked to analyze the title character, played by Anya Taylor-Joy from THE WITCH (who it's very odd to see being a relatively normal-looking teenager). After what's maybe the worst therapy session in recorded history... Well, let's...
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Alien: Covenant video shows Katherine Waterston in a sleep pod

The folks in charge of the ALIEN: COVENANT social media accounts definitely know how to tease fans, occasionally dropping images and videos online that give us glimpses of activity on the set and behind the scenes but reveal absolutely nothing. They've offered up a picture of a patch on a character's uniform, shots of director Ridley Scott and actors ( Katherine...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Genre Nostalgia proves rewarding in Stranger Things!

Nostalgia can be a tricky thing when it comes to entertainment. If you rely too heavily on it, audiences can turn on you very quickly. However, like it or not it has become a huge part of the movie going experience as of late. With countless remakes, sequels and television shows based on popular films from the jpast, it’s impossible to escape good old familiarity. However, for...
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Alien: Covenant will be super scary, says Fassbender

ALIEN: COVENANT has finished shooting, and details are emerging in the Comic-Con afterglow. In an interview with Collider , Michael Fassbender discussed the Ridley Scott-directed flick. He avoided spoilers, because he'd be burned at the stake by Hollywood producers if he didn't, but he gave us a look at the overall shape and tone of theis sequel to PROMETHEUS ....
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Black goo to return in Alien: Covenant; plus new Danny McBride pic!

ALIEN: COVENANT details have been bursting from the stomach of Ridley Scott, who just wrapped filming on the PROMETHEUS sequel. The most recent development comes from, oddly, an introductory video for the second season of the Amazon series The Man in the High Castle. Ridley Scott introduces the show from the COVENANT set, in front of a row of ampules like the ones in...
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