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R.I.P. Chilly Billy Cardille

For more than twenty years, Pittsburgh-based broadcast personality Bill "Chilly Billy" Cardille helped shape the genre fandom of many a youth by hosting the late night horror and sci-fi movie program Chiller Theatre. The show ran from September 14, 1963 to January 1, 1984, and many people who grew up in the Pittsburgh area have very fond memories of watching it. Of...
6 days ago
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R.I.P. Wicker Man director Robin Hardy

This is not a good year to be in the entertainment business. There was a huge surge in deaths this weekend, as we lost original Lois Lane Noel Neill, Iranian director Abba Kiarostami, and DEER HUNTER director Michael Cimino among many many others, but one we musn't ignore is Robin Hardy , who passed away at 86 years old this weekend. Director of the widely revered 1973 cult film...
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R.I.P.: Anton Yelchin has passed away at age 27

The internet is constantly being flooded with fake news, so often my first reaction when I see a headline claiming that something terrible has happened to a celebrity is, "That has to be a hoax." Often it is. But sometimes I see that the source for the news is a trustworthy site, and the world crumbles a bit. That's what happened yesterday, when I heard that...
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Troma star Joe Fleishaker has passed away at 62

Troma fans are in mourning today, as word has come out that Joe Fleishaker, one of the company's most popular stars, has passed away at the age of 62. Fleishaker's first Troma appearance was in 1988's TROMA'S WAR, where he started out as an extra before Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman decided to give him a bigger role as a "Specially Trained Terrorist"....
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R.I.P.: Larry Drake has passed away at age 66

Avid watchers of film and television are almost certainly familiar with character actor Larry Drake from at least one of the eighty-two acting credits he racked up over the course of a forty-five year career. He's probably best known to the widest audience for playing the character of Benny Stulwicz on L.A. Law from 1987 to 1994, a role he reprised in the 2002 L.A. LAW: THE MOVIE....
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RIP Andrzej Zulawski: Possession director dies at 75

Polish director Andrzej Żuławski was never a huge tabloid figure. He didn't see his name in tabloid headlines and he's not a household name. However, his death earlier today of cancer at the age of 75 has gone anything but unnoticed, espcially within the horror community. Anybody who has seen Żuławski's 1981 film POSSESSION, starring Sam Neill...
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Phantasm star Angus Scrimm has passed away at age 89

This past weekend, the horror community was shaken by the loss of another one our beloved genre stars, actor Angus Scrimm, best known for his portrayal of The Tall Man in the PHANTASM franchise. PHANTASM creator Don Coscarelli shared the news of Scrimm's passing late Saturday night, saying  Angus Scrimm passed away peacefully tonight surrounded by his friends and loved...
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RIP George Clayton Johnson, writer of The Twilight Zone, Star Trek [Update]

UPDATE: Evidently, our source - among others - was premature in reporting Johnson's death three days ago. That said, his son confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the writer died yesterday, Christmas Day. It's no less sad to see him go. Original article is below. Sad day in the sci-fi community as it has come to light legendary writer George Clayton Johnson has died at the...
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RIP: Brooke McCarter, Paul the Vampire from The Lost Boys

Even a vampire can't live forever, Brooke McCarter, most notable as the vampire Paul from the 1987 classic  THE LOST BOYS , passed away this morning at the age of 52. He died of liver failure at his home in Tampa, the result of a rare liver disease discovered earlier this year. Said a representative: He passed this morning, surrounded by close family and...
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Original Leatherface Gunnar Hansen has passed away at age 68

2015 has been an unbelievably tough year for horror fans, we've lost so many of our genre's icons and it has really hurt to see them go. I was saddened to hear over the weekend that we've lost another legend, as Gunnar Hansen passed away on Saturday, November 7 at the age of 68. He died of pancreatic cancer at his home on Mount Desert Island, Maine, where he had...
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RIP: Twin Peaks Log Lady Catherine Coulson passes away at 71

"One day my log will have something to say about this." But today is not that day. Somber news has arrived that the legendary "Log Lady" from Twin Peaks ,  Catherine Coulson , has passed away of cancer at the age of 71. Born October 22, 1943 in Ashland, Oregon, USA, Catherine E. Coulson had a long partnership with legendary director David Lynch,...
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RIP Chucky and Crypt Keeper puppeteer Brock Winkless

  The make-up effects community has lost a beloved name in the field. N. Brock Winkless IV (often known as Brock Winkless) died July 18th in Los Angeles due to complications from a debilitating neurological condition. He was 56. While Winkless may not be a household name, you've certainly seen his work. He was a Chucky puppeteer on CHILD'S PLAY 1-3 and BRIDE OF CHUCKY; helped the...
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