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Fear the Walking Dead renewed for a fourth season with new showrunners

In its second season, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 's ratings dropped almost fifty-percent, averaging a 4.19 million viewers. That's down 45% in viewers from season one. However, those numbers were enough for FEAR THE WALKING DEAD to remain AMC’s second-highest rated original series, trailing behind only THE WALKING DEAD.   And thus, AMC has renewed FEAR THE WALKING...
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The Walking Dead could potentially run for at least 5 more seasons

There have been a lot of stories recently about  The Walking Dead experiencing a ratings slip, but as one of the number one shows on TV, everything is relative. The show still has a strong undead heartbeat and isn't go anywhere anytime soon. In fact, series creator Robert Kirkman had this to say in a recent interview with : It took us 6...
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Three more join Robert Kirkman's Outcast for season 2

Outcast , the Cinemax exorcism thriller from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, ends its first season tomorrow but it's already gearing up for the second. Three actors are joining the show for season 2, which has begun production in South Carolina. First up is M. C. Gainey, who is best known for playing Big John Brittle in DJANGO UNCHAINED. He has also appeared in...
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Experience the interactive trailer for Robert Kirkman's Outcast

Outcast , the upcoming Cinemax show from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, has dipped its toe into a new style of promotion. This newest trailer is an interactive adventure, much like that "Choose Your Own Murder" game MTV used to promote Scream: The Series . Although obviously, it's a bit better. The trailer, created by Campfire, uses 3D audio technology...
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Robert Kirkman says Outcast is scarier than The Walking Dead

The next venture from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is Outcast , a Cinemax series also based on a comic. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly , he made some very intriguing statements comparing the two shows: Walking Dead is such a visceral, physical threat, and with Outcast, it’s an inward threat. It’s not a smart show, because I don’t ever want...
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You can watch Adam Wingard's pilot for Outcast right now

Outcast , the newest comic-adapted show from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, will be hitting TV's across the country in two weeks, but your computer can be possessed by the first episode right freaking now. The pilot, titled "A Darkness Surrounds Him" and directed by YOU'RE NEXT / THE GUEST helmer Adam Wingard, has been released for free on YouTube as a...
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Possession is just the beginning in this Outcast season 1 trailer

Outcast is the next step for producer Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. The Fox show will hit on June 3rd , and the full trailer for the first season has debuted. Though it would be nigh-on impossible to have the staying power of the juggernaut zombie series, it looks - if anything - even more intense. Stylish, dizzying imagery smashes into quick cuts of barely-glimpsed...
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Check out this frantic teaser for Robert Kirkman's Outcast

Outcast , the new show from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, will hit Fox on June 3rd. There's still a ways to go before your summer of fright begins, but here's something you can hold onto. A new teaser has been released, and while it reveals next to nothing about the actual plot, it certainly looks like a humdinger of a show, throwing a couple dozen different horrific...
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This new AMC promotional photo is all about Negan

The Walking Dead knows what the people want, and it's all Negan all the time. In this new promotional image, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's vicious villain is front and center, yet remains tantalizingly mysterious. His first appearance will be in the next episode, the finale of the sixth season. Fans have long been debating how his entrance might affect the dynamic of the show and...
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Norman Reedus says you should worry about Daryl in the Walking Dead finale

The Walking Dead season 6 is wrapping up next week, and in typical fashion they're getting ready for a brutal, bloody episode to keep fans craving to devour more. The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Norman Reedus to discuss his character Daryl Dixon and his nebulous fate. If you haven't seen the most recent episode, steer clear. When asked about his fate following an...
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Will Negan's entrance on The Walking Dead follow the lead of the comics?

The villainous Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has been the talk of the town throughout this season of The Walking Dead , even though he has never actually appeared onscreen. He is set to make his bloody grand entrance in the season 6 finale, two episodes from now, and during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Scott M. Gimple was asked whether his entrance would...
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The Walking Dead will close out season 6 with a 90 minute finale

Season 6 of The Walking Dead will be drawing to a close on April 3rd at 9 PM on AMC. However, fans of the undead drama will be relieved to know that the season's end will be prolonged, pushing that empty hiatus feeling back by another half hour. The finale will be spanning an hour and a half rather than the typical hour, presumably using its extra time to really rub in the...
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