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Trailer: Eliza Dushku explores a haunted asylum in Eloise

Filmed within the confines of a real abandoned mental asylum, the Eloise Asylum just outside Detroit, Michigan, director Robert Legato's supernatural thriller ELOISE has taken a while to start making its way out into the world - production wrapped almost two and a half years ago. While there's still no information on a North American release, ELOISE will finally be reaching...
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Heather Graham & Robert Patrick to star in true crime thriller Last Rampage

Sometimes, movies throw a cast and crew together that you couldn't imagine in your wildest daydreams. The upcoming indie flick  LAST RAMPAGE certainly falls within that category. Teaming Robert Patrick (TERMINATOR 2) and Heather Graham (BOOGIE NIGHTS) as real life murderer Gary Tison and his wife Dorothy. Not only that, the film is directed by HALLOWEEN 4 's...
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Creep up on this exclusive Lost After Dark clip

In this new exclusive clip from Ian Kessner's 80's slasher throwback  LOST AFTER DARK , you bet your ass somebody is gonna kick the bucket. And it ain't gonna be pretty. It's always the small, intimate, gore moments that really get ya, isn't it? You can watch all the decapitations and throat slashings you want, but when Natalie Portman rips off her...
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Hellions are unleashed in first official trailer!

  We've gotten a look at Bruce McDonald's Halloween horrorfest HELLIONS before in the form of a promo teaser , but now we're fortunate to nab the official trailer courtesy of IFC Midnight. Honestly, every new look at HELLIONS is creepier than the last; this flick looks like a surreal treat, sure to go down easy as the weather gets cooler and thoughts gradually turn to things that go...
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The X-Files reboot beams up Annabeth Gish

The gang's all here, folks!  The X-Files reboot (which I'm currently erasing my entire DVR to make room for), which recently announced an appearance by original cast members the Lone Gunmen will also be featuring an encore performance by Annabeth Gish as her character Agent Monica Reyes. Although it has been confirmed that her partner - played by TERMINATOR...
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Halloween horror flick Hellions gets a release date!

One of our most anticipated releases in the second half of the year is Bruce McDonald's HELLIONS , a Halloween-set creepfest starring Robert Patrick and Chloe Rose. A few months ago we brought you the trailer (which I've conveniently embedded below), but we didn't yet have a release date to go along with it. Now we can rectify that. IFC Midnight has dated HELLIONS for a September 18th...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Time to say goodbye to the Terminator franchise!

Here we are, well over halfway finished with the big summer movie season. There were a few surprises, and more than a couple disappointments. We had franchises that flourished, and others that did not. Audiences went crazy for a ton of dinosaur action in JURASSIC WORLD, and many of us reveled in the madcap mayhem of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. And then there was TERMINATOR: GENISYS. This CGI...
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Anchor Bay to release 80s-set slasher Lost After Dark

  We just can't get enough of our 80s slashers, can we? Seems like a few times every month we hear news of a horror movie claiming to be a "throwback" to that beloved era. The latest is LOST AFTER DARK , which in a press release touts "visceral, old-school prosthetic kills, and pop songs pulsing to an electronic beat." Guess that's about as 80s as it gets! The flick is getting a...
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Halloween-themed horror flick Hellions treats us to a new trailer!

Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween? Just yesterday we brought you a neat proof-of-concept short that featured a killer pumpkin, and today we've got the first trailer for Bruce McDonald's HELLIONS , which takes place on our favorite night of the year. So, naturally, the answer to that question is a resounding, NO! HELLIONS, a Halloween-set thriller about a gaggle of...
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Hellions starring Robert Patrick picked up by IFC Midnight

Bruce MacDonald's Halloween-set horror film HELLIONS made its world premiere earlier in the year at the Sundance Film Festival and is about to continue its festival run at SWSW this month, but evidently IFC saw all they needed to from it, as the distributor has acquired all U.S. rights. HELLIONS stars Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick, Rossif Sutherland, Rachel Wilson, Peter DaCunha and...
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First clip from Halloween-set horror flick Hellions, starring Robert Patrick

One of the hot horror titles premiering at Sundance this weekend is Bruce McDonald's HELLIONS , a Halloween-set thriller about trick-r-treaters from hell. I'm already frothing at the mouth for this baby! A new clip from the movie has just arrived online and you can give it a look below. Starring Robert Patrick, Chloe Rose, Luke Bilyk, Rossif Sutherland and Rachel Wilson, HELLIONS...
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Bruce McDonald's Halloween-set thriller Hellions gets some new images

PONTYPOOL director Bruce McDonald returns to the genre with a little slice of indie horror in HELLIONS , a Halloween-set thriller that will see its World Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Like most people, I’m a huge fan of PONTYPOOL and I can’t wait to see what McDonald has come up with in HELLIONS. The fact that it’s set during the best time of...
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