WTF: Gene Simmons is trying to trademark the Devil Horns

For the most part we here at AITH report on the news happening in and around the horror movie business. That said, sometimes real life is crazier (and scarier) than anything the movies can dream up. Case in point on the crazy end of things. Turns out KISS bassist and all around gigolo Gene Simmons is currently trying to trademark the famous rock/metal hand gesture "the...
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Face-Off: House of 1000 Corpses Vs. The Devil's Rejects

Oh, we had a ton of crazed ghouls voicing their pissed-off opinions with our last Face-Off . Many felt that there was no way in hell or on earth that Army of Darkness could best Evil Dead 2. However, a few less frazzled readers were able to open their minds and see how Raimi's medieval third entry could gain the upper (metal)hand. Today's Face-Off concerns a horror filmmaker that's...
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Kill of the Day: The Final Destination (2009)

Arguably the most disappointing entry in the FINAL DESTINATION franchise is the fourth film: THE FINAL DESTINATION. There's a number of reasons for this but Krista Allen is not one of them. This chick is hot! And her death scene in the film is probably the only part of that thing worth watching. Luckily for you I've decided to use that for today's Kill of the Day! If you scroll on down...
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