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Poltergeist (Movie Review)

  PLOT: The Bowen family moves into a house that has been built over an old cemetery. Chaos ensues. You know what happens. REVIEW:  It shouldn't be seen as blasphemy that I liked the Ghost House-produced POLTERGEIST remake, but it probably will be. I get why, but I think the truth of the matter is we should actually be grateful when a remake of a beloved property is both...
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Latest TV spot for Gil Kenan's Poltergeist ups the jump scare factor

Truth be told, I haven't really been sold on Gil Kenan's upcoming POLTERGEIST (I guess I'm just a Negative Nancy or something) and most of the trailers and TV spots haven't done much to convince me otherwise. However, we've just landed the latest TV spot, titled 'Music Box', and it certainly ups the jump scare factor. Is it effective enough to sway me to...
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Latest TV spot for Gil Kenan's Poltergeist, starring Sam Rockwell

Gil Kenan's POLTERGEIST is set to haunt theaters in just a few weeks on May 22 and today we've got the latest TV spot for the Sam Rockwell-starring remake to share with you. Last week we shared the first clip from POLTERGEIST which reimagined the iconic scene from the original film in which a young girl speaks to mysterious beings via the family television set, where she...
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They're here! New trailer for Gil Kenan's Poltergeist, starring Sam Rockwell

Recently POLTERGEIST director Gil Kenan took part in a Reddit AMA where he was asked why he would want to tackle a remake of the 1982 classic. He reponded " I am a true fan of 'Poltergeist', and I felt like I could honor the vision and the franchise that made the original as popular as it was. And I wanted to protect it. I know that the reasons that brought me to the table...
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New TV spot for Gil Kenan's Poltergeist asks 'What are you afraid of?'

When the first trailer for Gil Kenan's upcoming POLTERGEIST arrived last month I wasn't too impressed. My issue with what I saw was that it looked to be a carbon copy remake of the original classic, but I don't wanna judge a book by its cover (or a film by its trailer), so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt until I see it for myself. I'm just hoping...
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They're here! First trailer for Gil Kenan's Poltergeist has arrived

UPDATED with official U.S. trailer! Just a couple of hours after bringing you the first poster for Gil Kenan's upcoming POLTERGEIST we now have the first trailer for the Sam Rockwell-starrer to share with ya. Here's the catch: it's in French. The English language trailer will arrive around noon today (EST) and we'll be sure to bring you that one as well, but...
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Here's the poster for Gil Kenan's Poltergeist, starring Sam Rockwell

Yesterday the first images from Gil Kenan's POLTERGEIST hit the web along with a short teaser and word that we'd be seeing the full trailer for the flick in a few days time (maybe today?), and now we've landed the poster for the Sam Rockwell-starring haunter. Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris, Saxon Sharbino, Nicholas Braun and Jane Adams also star in POLTERGEIST,...
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First images from Gil Kenan's Poltergeist reboot arrive; updated with teaser

UPDATE: Below you'll see a "teaser" (of sorts) that comes via POLTERGEIST's official Twitter page. Looks like we'll be getting a trailer in a couple days! While the news that we were getting a remake of POLTERGEIST was bad enough, in October we learned that the film would be slapped with a PG-13 rating. Even worse was last month POLTERGEIST star Sam Rockwell called it "...
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Sam Rockwell talks Gil Kenan's Poltergeist remake; calls it a kids' movie

Wait, what? Sam Rockwell, who stars in Gil Kenan's POLTERGEIST remake, recently spoke with Collider and shed some new details on the mysteriously quiet reimagining of Tobe Hooper’s classic. While we already knew it was going to be PG-13, it sounds like they might have PG-13’d the shit out of it; we’re talking a 3D adventure movie for kids PG-13 here. At...
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Gil Kenan's Poltergeist remake haunted by a PG-13 rating

This is one we can't get too up in arms about: The POLTERGEIST remake, which has been spookily reticent to show itself to us, has been given a PG-13 rating by the overlords at the MPAA. The first film was rated PG and scared us all out of our wits when we were kids, so this is no big deal. The new take on the Tobe Hooper-directed, Steven Spielberg-produced classic earned its...
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Poltergeist remake finds its lead in the form of Rosemarie DeWitt

It was already on the fast-track, but with the success of THE CONJURING, you had better believe POLTERGEIST is intent on spooking up a fortune at the box office ASAP. The film has just cast its first lead: Rosemary Dewitt, who will play the matriarch of a family besieged by ghosts. Interesting casting, since DeWitt is not at all a household name - but then again, does she need to be?...
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