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The 2015 Arrow in the Head Mistress of the Year: Vera Farmiga

VERA FARMIGA Watch Bates Motel S1 here! Order Bates Motel S1-2 here! WHY SHE'S ARROW’S 2015 MISTRESS: A handful of names crossed my mind as to whom would be this year's Mistress of the Year. And for a while there I had settled on one young actress with a couple of credits under her belt. That was sticking until I realized that the oh so...
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Dissecting Actress Vera Farmiga!

ACTRESS VERA FARMIGA! Damn, how good of an actor is Vera Farmiga? Seriously, who'd ever have thought the sexy blue-eyed stunner would become, if not an outright new generational scream queen of sorts, at least a formidable horror mainstay? I sure as hell didn't! After-all, Vera has essayed every genre under the sun, from intense drama (DOWN TO THE BONE, UP IN...
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It's the Booze Talkin': We are sure gonna miss Paul Walker

The first time I met Paul Walker I was on the set of FAST AND FURIOUS (the fourth installment in the series). At the time, it wasn’t exactly obvious how big the franchise would become but it was clear that Universal had faith in it. Either way I was thrilled to witness the beginning of a new chapter for the series and I was especially looking forward to meeting Mr. Walker....
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