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13 Sins red-band trailer starring Ron Perlman plays a sick game

Set to premiere at this weekend's SXSW Film Festival is 13 SINS , the latest genre outing from THE LAST EXORCISM 's Daniel Stamm. And with its debut just days away, a red-band trailer has been released delivering a solid dose of the red stuff. The film is a remake of the 2006 Thai horror flick 13: GAME OF DEATH, and they actually look quite similar. I don't recall much...

Horror Whores: "True Blood" (2008)

I've expressed before my undying love for Evangeline Lilly, right? Well if there was no Evangeline Lilly the next lady to take that love would be the lovely Lynn Collins. I fell hard for this beautiful actress after watching NUMB and have loved her ever since. For today's Horror Whores I'm going with a couple very sexy scenes featuring Collins from HBO's "True Blood." Enjoy and you're...

Horror Whores: "True Blood" (2009)

You don't have to look hard in HBO's "True Blood" series to find a clip worthy enough to be featured in our Horror Whores. Heck we've already showed you several! Today we revisit the vampire drama for yet another Horror Whores, this time featuring the gorgeous Ashley Jones. In the scene Jones (as Daphne) teases a confused Sam Trammell (as Sam Merlotte) by stripping down and taking a dip...

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