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Trailer for Ryan Smith's sci-fi thriller After starring Steven Strait

Matchbox Films have just dropped the UK DVD release date for Ryan Smith's low budget sci-fi thriller AFTER starring Karolina Wydra (“True Blood”) and Steven Strait (10,000 Years BC) as it will hit shelves on May 26th! The Canadian release is scheduled for May 13th through Mongrel Media with US distribution eyeing a release in July. AFTER saw its premiere at...
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Ryan Smith's After gets North American distributor

Been a while since we've written about Ryan Smith's AFTER - perhaps the last thing was an early review I penned from San Diego Comic-Con, where the film had a screening last July. The film had a scheduled theatrical release in for last fall, but it's unsure if that ever came to light. What is sure is that the film has now secured North American distribution from Mongel Media. No...
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