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Ash vs. Evil Dead heads to San Diego Comic-Con

There’s going to be a lot of shit at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but for my money the most exciting announcement is the addition of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s Ash vs. Evil Dead , which will no doubt make some noise at the convention. If you’re going this year and you skip this one, well, your soul belongs to the deadites! The panel takes place on Friday, July 10th, with...
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Comic Con Top 10 Lists! Hottest costumes! Coolest art! Best bad movies! And more!

With Comic Con now over comes's coveted TOP 10 LISTS chronicling THE HOTTEST COSTUMES , THE BEST ART FOUND AT THE CON , THE BEST OVERALL COSTUMES and the POTENTIALLY AWFUL GOOD FILMS that were at the Con. I also re-added  my personal coolest things that I saw while I was at the Convention. Scroll down, get a peak at the goods and let us take...
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Comic Con: Some of the coolest shite I saw at the Con!

Hey all, as you know the San Diego Comic Con has come and gone once again (although our father site is still pimping out content as we speak, check it) and it was swell to geek out, hang with some of the and AITH crew, see some old pals and of course to take in all of the movie/comic book goodies that were on hand. As per every year, there was...
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Cool Horror Gear: The Thing Comic-Con poster from Mondo

Mondo hardly needs an introduction at this point. Today they revealed their gorgeous poster for John Carpenter's THE THING from artist Jock. Normally if you want to get your hands on one of these posters you'd have to stalk their Twitter page until they officially announce the sale. But seeing as how this week is Comic-Con, Mondo will be selling all sorts of amazing posters...
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Original Predator getting 3D Blu-ray treatment; no new film coming

There goes all the excitement! In case you missed it, earlier today we hit you guys with the news that the official PREDATORS Facebook page released a teaser image with the caption "Something is Coming. #HuntThePredator" in anticipation for its Comic-Con showing. While we so desperately wanted this to be a teaser for a new film, it turns out that it's just for the...
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Take a ghost tour of the William Heath Davis House this year at Comic-Con

If you're headed to Comic-Con this year and you're into the paranormal, you might want to check out this creepy ghost tour of the William Heath Davis House. It has been announced that Dread Central has teamed up with Gaslamp Museum and the San Diego Ghost Hunters to offer ghost tours throughout the duration of the San Diego Comic-Con. They will be offering a limited number of...
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James O'Barr and The Crow remake are headed to San Diego Comic-Con

Here's one out of left field. According to Variety, James O’Barr, creator of the original “The Crow” graphic novel, has come on board as a consultant on Relativity Media’s upcoming remake of THE CROW . F. Javier Gutierrez will be helming the adaptation and will be attending Comic-Con along with O’Barr to discuss the film and meet with fans. Getting...
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Horror Whores: The Blood Factory

I'm going a little indie for today's Horror Whores and using a quick clip from a recent Comic Con. Hell I don't even know if indie is the right word but these chicks are hot and they're bloody. What else do you need? For today's Horror Whores we've got these two hotties from Comic Con out promoting Danny DeVito's "The Blood Factory." THE BLOOD FACTORY...
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