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Where in the Horror are they Now? Linda Blair!

LINDA BLAIR THEN : When you take a child actor and turn them into a cinematic villain of sorts, it can be an interesting mix. There is THE CONJURING films, THE OMEN, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, all featuring creepy kids ready to do some damage. However, arguably the most powerful and frightening performances from a young talent is Linda Blair in THE EXORCIST. This...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Linnea Quigley!

LINNEA QUIGLEY THEN : With Christmas just around the corner, we at AITH thought wed give you a perfect holiday treat for this weeks Where in the Horror are they Now. In fact, Im a little bit shocked that we havent looked at the impressive genre career of this weeks subject. From the early days of slasher flicks like TOURIST TRAP (1979) and GRADUATION DAY (1981) to...
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Face-Off: Hell Night vs. Savage Streets

Genre icon Linda Blair celebrates her birthday on January 22nd, and coincidentally this past 22nd was also the day when it was announced that Fox has ordered a pilot for a TV show based on Blair's most famous film, THE EXORCIST. These events got me thinking about Blair's career overall, and the possibility of having a Face-Off between two movies in which she played the lead role. She made...
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Dissecting Scream Queen Linnea Quigley!

"I like playing tough girls, because they're so different from who I am. It's really boring to play the good, nice girl -- that's too much like my real personality." - LINNEA QUIGLEY All hail the queen of screaming her bleeding little heart out...the one and only Ms. Linnea Quigley! What a woman! Quick question, what's the one flick or...
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R.I.P. Friday the 13th Part V director Danny Steinmann

We're saddened to hear reports emerging of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING director Danny Steinmann's passing. Aside from his entry in the iconic slasher series, Steinmann can also be credited as the man behind THE UNSEEN (directing as Peter Foleg) and the Linda Blair exploitation classic SAVAGE STREETS. Steinmann was a director who will be remembered for embracing...
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