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Are You Afraid of the Dark tribute film hits this Halloween

I am a big fan of the old school Nickelodeon kid-horror series ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? . Like, a super fan. I own every episode on DVD courtesy of a bootleg collection my girlfriend at the time gave me back in my early twenties. If you haven't seen the series, I suggest you check out an episode called Laughing in the Dark . It involves a clown. And it is genuinely terrifying....
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Jurassic World 2 will be the scariest film in the franchise

I was pleasantly surprised by JURASSIC WORLD . I didn't want to see it, but I was dragged to the theater by a friend of mine. She kept ribbing me throughout as I couldn't help but scoff and sigh at some of the dumber parts towards the beginning and middle sections. But then boy did I embarrass myself in front of the whole theater once the "Open paddock Nine"...
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AITH Recommends: GhostWatch on Shudder

I don't know if you've ever seen the infamous "faux-paranormal" documentary GHOSTWATCH , from the BBC, but if you haven't, I suggest giving it a watch asap.  Until today the flick has been next to impossible to find. But now horror-streaming site SHUDDER has just added the flick to its line-up. Now you can check out the flick for the first time ever in...
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The Blair Witch Project almost had a wildly mediocre ending

I consider THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT to be the scariest film ever made. I can get myself all freaked out just thinking about it late at night. And let me tell you, I don't scare easily. I have seen basically ever horror movie there is so let me stress that that shite ain't easy. One of the factors that ups the fear ante is the abrupt and mysterious ending. But the film almost had...
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Unsolved Mysteries creators trying to get a new season off the ground

For those of you not in the know, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES is one of the creepiest f*cking  shows of all time. Hosted by Robert Stack (and later Dennis Farina) UNSOLVED MYSTERIES used "a documentary format to showcase real-life mysteries and re-enactments of unsolved crimes, missing persons cases, conspiracy theories and unexplained paranormal phenomena (alien abductions,...
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Stephen King's IT: Five Theories Based on the New Trailer

The IT trailer hit a few days ago and was viewed over 197 million times in 24 hrs. I must account for about half of those views as I have studied every frame of the trailer since then. This list represents my theories on what we will see play out come September 8th. This info is based on my borderline OCD-level of knowledge about the source novel, which I have read so many times I dare say I...
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UPDATED! Annabelle: Creation trailer tease & poster, full trailer tomorrow!

UPDATE: The ANNABELLE: CREATION poster just dropped. Check it out below! It was only yesterday we learned that THE CONJURING spin-off sequel (yikes) ANNABELLE 2 was now going to going by another title. That new title is ANNABELLE: CREATION , and today we have the trailer tease to share with you guys. This is, of course, like all other trailer teases in that it runs only...
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Exclusive clip from Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word available on VOD today

I'm looking forward to checking out JOHNNY FRANK GARRETT'S LAST WORD for no other reason than the film's director Simon Rumley was at the helm of one of the most fan-f*cking-tanstic indie-horror-drama-revenge flicks I have ever seen RED, WHITE & BLUE . High praise for that film, but if you've seen it ("My mother bought me a kitten..." ) you know I'm...
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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark gets an amazing art exhibit this Friday

For those who might not know, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was a series of children's books written back in the 80s through the early 90s by Alvin Schwartz and illustrated by Stephen Gammell. There were three books in total and their titles were Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark , More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark , and Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones....
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Cool Horror Videos: Rings TV store prank full of nope

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. In an effort to gain some publicity for the upcoming release of the new horror sequel RINGS (sequel to 2002's THE RING . Duh.) the folks in charge of the film's viral marketing thought, "What better way to get butts in seats than scare potential viewers to instant death with a celever bit of jack-ass-ery? It's brilliant!" Now...
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Necessary Evil: Iconic Christmas Characters in a Horror Movie!

My horror friends, I have an announcement to make. It seems that this will be the last Necessary Evil I will have the privilege of writing here at Arrow in the Head. And although my heart is filled with pain at not being able to come up with more ideas for horror that has to happen, it is also filled with thankfulness that I was given the opportunity to write as many fun articles as I...
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Necessary Evil: Thanksgiving Horror!

Gobble Gobble, my holiday horror heads! Hope you enjoyed stuffing your faces yesterday and also ate up our last Teacher's Convention Necessary Evil ! Today, as you probably already know, we are celebrating the magic of Turkey Day with our own version of a Thanksgiving slasher! Yes, we are fully aware of Eli Roth's Thanksgiving fake trailer that some thought would be...
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