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Kevin Williamson has ideas for future Scream films

Harvey Weinstein has stated that he wants his brother Bob (who runs The Weinstein's genre division Dimension) to give the SCREAM series another stab, and original SCREAM scribe Kevin Williamson says he's got ideas for two more sequels...if the Weinstein's want to buy the stories from him. Williamson spoke out about possible SCREAM sequels at this years Television...
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First character descriptions for MTV's Scream series revealed

We've known for a while that MTV was planning on bringing us a new series based on the SCREAM film franchise, and yesterday brought us the first plot details for the proposed TV slasher that is set to begin shooting this summer with SCREAM creator Wes Craven rumored to be taking the helm on the pilot. Now TVLine has dropped the intel on the first four series-regular characters....
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Plot details for MTV's Scream series revealed - Wes Craven to direct pilot?

So we've known for a while that MTV was planning on bringing us a new series based on the SCREAM film franchise, but details have been scarce over the past few months. The last thing we heard on the potential project was that there wouldn't be an overlap between the films and this new series and that the producers were experimenting with a ' supernatural' angle,...
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No overlap between Scream film series and television series according to Harvey Weinstein

Earlier this week we shared the news that SCREAM series executive producer Harvey Weinstein has put it out there that he would like to see the franchise get going once again for a fifth and final installment, stating... "Everyone lived in Scream 4. I'm begging him [brother Bob Weinstein, who runs the genre division Dimension Films] to do the movie and just end it....
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Harvey Weinstein wants Scream 5 to happen

Unsatisfied with the SCREAM legacy after the way part 4 wrapped up? Well, so is executive producer Harvey Weinstein, who offered a glimmer of hope to those of you anxious to see Ghostface rear his (or her) ugly face once again. Currently attending the Zurich Film Festival, Weinstein made it clear that he's hoping his brother Bob - who runs the brothers' genre division...
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Neve Campbell comments on the possibility of a Scream 5

In a recent interview promoting her Lifetime original movie AN AMISH MURDER (why, God?), Neve Campbell has addressed whether or not another SCREAM sequel will be in her future. Her answer is a decidedly mixed bag... When asked if she'd be willing to return the role of Sidney Prescott, Campbell replied: "We’ll see. I’m not sure they’re going to make it, to...
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