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First Look: Lauren Ashley Carter in killer clown flick Gags

If it wasn't somehow obvious at this point, I am a huge horror fan. One thing I love in particular about the genre as of late is the inclusion of neo-scream queen Lauren Ashley Carter in seemingly every other flick. Not complaining. Just saying the actress has been in a bunch of flicks the last few years including  DARLING , JUG FACE, THE MIND'S EYE , POD,...
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Horror Movie Hotties: I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

You're probably aware by now that summertime has officially returned to slap us across the face with its fiery glove. That massive sweat stain on your shirt should serve as a friendly reminder. What. You mean that's normal? No, no, I'm not judging. Just maybe see a doctor, is all. Anyways, even though the heat is so unbearable you can't go out do normal...
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It's the Booze Talkin': I want Eva Green to be our next A-List Scream Queen!

There are handful of actresses that have proven to be major draws in the world of horror, fantasy and science fiction. You have Sigourney Weaver who played the perfect hero as Ripley in the ALIEN franchise. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor proved to be just as tough as Arnold Schwarzenegger in T2: JUDGEMENT DAY. Kate Beckinsale is all about kicking Lycan and even some Vampire ass in...
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Scream queen Danielle Harris to take break from acting to focus on family, directing

Here at AITH, we've never been shy about sharing our love for all things Danielle Harris. The uber-hot scream queen remains one of our favorite actresses and has most certainly proven she's got the chops to handle shite behind the camera with her directorial debut AMONG FRIENDS. She was recently announced as one of the female leads in the Soska Sisters upcoming SEE NO EVIL 2,...
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