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It's the Booze Talkin', Has Hollywood forgotten about the horror greats?

When you think of your favorite horror movies, how often do guys like Carpenter, Hooper, Craven or Romero come up?  They are the names behind some of the most iconic horror films ever made. Recently - courtesy of the home video heroes Shout! Factory - I revisited John Carpenter’s THE THING and it was better than I remembered - and that's saying something...
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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: MAY AND JUNE 2016!

Time for summer, bitches! And time for another Blu-ray/DVD release date update! In May we've got the fantastically fun blockbuster DEADPOOL , the first season of MTV's SCREAM and the very awesome indie thriller THE WITCH ! In June we've got GHOSTBUSTERS and   GHOSTBUSTERS II on Blu, the new iteration of THE X-FILES and the Sarah Wayne Callies-starring THE OTHER SIDE OF...
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Audrey is front and center in these Scream Season 2 images

If you kept up with the first season of MTV's Scream: The Series , you may remember that the finale left us with doubts as to the allegiance of teen victim Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus). If this new set of images scored by Entertainment Weekly is anything to go by, the upcoming second season will be focused largely on this plotline. Of the four images, only one features foolish...
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Scream: The Series gets another sinister teaser

Scream: The Series is heading back to MTV a day earlier than planned, on May 30th , and the network has been rolling out the blood red carpet. The newest promo for season 2 is here, featuring a smattering of new footage and a big focus on the brand new, kind of awkwardly phrased tagline "Trust Nothing." You can check out the video below. Season two begins with:...
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Scream: The Series season 2 to call in a day earlier, gets eerie new promo

MTV's surprisingly successful Scream: The Series is coming back for another slice, one day earlier than anticipated. The show will now premiere on Monday, May 30th , as announced in a new teaser featuring the returning cast members. Say what you will about the show, which was cotton candy fluff if you could stand some seriously ill-advised teen decision making, but it...
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The Scream: The Series season 1 box set drops this Spring

MTV's Scream: The Series was a curious trifle. It was nowhere near the films in terms of plot or quality, but it was nevertheless an enjoyable cheesy teen romp that proved a slasher format  could  fit into a television schedule. And to be completely honest, it was far more consistent than its genre competition, Fox's Scream Queens . If, like me, you're...
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Scream: The Series returns in May with several new characters

I haven't yet watched the first season of Scream: The TV Series , the MTV show inspired by the SCREAM films, but given the nature of the SCREAM property I would assume that a good amount of its characters didn't make it to the end of the finale. So it's not all that surprising that the second season is going to be adding a bunch of new recurring characters. Joining...
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Scream season 2 shakeup: New showrunners brought in

  Let me be honest right up front: I didn't see a single episode of MTV's Scream series. Not that I was fundamentally against it, I just never caught up to it after it had left the station. Reviews were decidedly mixed - our own Jake Dee seemed to generally dig it - but unfortunately none of the word-of-mouth made me actually pick up the clicker and summon the show to my television....
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Top 10 Wes Craven Movie Kills!

Not sure about you, but we're still reeling over the sudden death of Wes Craven last week. And no matter how much we try to pay heartfelt homage, it feels like no tribute is good enough to honor the great work this undisputed titan of horror cinema gifted us for well over four decades. But that doesn't mean we won't keep on trying. We owe the man that much, and much more for all the screams...
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TV Review: Scream The Series (Season 1, Episode 10)

EPISODE: REVELATIONS THE DISH: It all ends here. After 9 weeks and 4 dead bodies, Emma finally unmasks the mysterioous Lakewood murderer. Who will it be? Who makes it out alive? WARNING: MINOR TO MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS EPISODE, STOP READING HERE! THE DICE-UP: At bloody long last my swell pals, the spellbinding 10-week...
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Dedicating Wes Craven!

READ OUR DISSECTING WES CRAVEN ARTICLE HERE "Horror films don't create fear. They release it." --Wes Craven Goddamn. I know he lead a fruitful 76 year life and all, but losing such a feted filmmaking icon like Wes Craven - whose face is deservedly and interminably etched on the Mount Rushmore of horror cinema - really, truly sucks. I mean, it's safe to say his...
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R.I.P. Master of Horror Wes Craven

It's hard to type when your hands are shaking over your keyboard. Wes Craven , legendary horror director and father of iconic villain Freddy Krueger has passed away of brain cancer at the age of 76. Born on August 2, 1939, Craven didn't direct his first film until he was in his thirties, after an aborted stint as a humanities professor at Clarkson College of Technology....
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