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The Trace We Leave Behind set visit: Horror in Rio de Janeiro

BACKGROUND Malu Miranda and André Pereira had great success with the first movie made through their production company Lupa Filmes, the hilariously funny 2013 romantic comedy MATO SEM CACHORRO (or THE DOGNAPPER), which sold over one million admissions in its native country of Brazil. For their second film, the producers are shifting gears and genres to make the...
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The Conjuring 2 set visit: James Wan, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and more!

Ed and Lorraine Warren are coming back to the big screen, and it looks like we may have a ton of ghoulish goodness heading our way. Not only will the husband and wife paranormal investigators take on the infamous Enfield haunting in England, but they will also be checking into something hinted at near the end of THE CONJURING. Yes, the Warrens - once again played by Patrick Wilson and Vera...
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Set Visit: Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (Part 2)!

READ PART 1 OF OUR SET-VISIT HERE! PRODUCER INTERVIEWS (SEAN ROBIN & BETSY SULLENGER) Q: So how'd this project come about? Sean: So the project begins about 4 years ago, when Brian Brucks (manager/producer) called me and said I have a script I want to do based on the title alone. Started laughing and said it's SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES and I started laughing...
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Set Visit: Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (Part 1)!

It was a typical gloomy June day in Los Angeles. As the dense scrim of smog lifted around noon to reveal a rutilant sun, the sudden brightness would prove an absolute harbinger of how my day would unfold. You see, I had the great honor and privilege (and a whole lot of fun as you'll soon see) to make a set visit for Paramount's cool new coming of age genre mash-up: SCOUTS GUIDE...
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Set Visit: Scott Derrickson's Deliver Us From Evil (Part Two)

Read Part One of our DELIVER US FROM EVIL set visit report HERE . In Part Two, we’ll take a look at some pertinent quotes from a few key members of the DELIVER US FROM EVIL team. RALPH SARCHIE ”... it would have been more feasible to meet Satan face to face than to have this done.” A horror movie, like a movie in any genre,...
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Set Visit: Scott Derrickson's Deliver Us From Evil (Part One)

The Bronx is no stranger to blood. Every type of crime has played out in the New York borough - shootings, stabbings, the works. Take it from someone who has lived his entire life a little more than a few miles away. But director Scott Derrickson is bringing a different kind of horror to the urban jungle with DELIVER US FROM EVIL , which documents the purportedly true tales of terror of...
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Trailer for Airplane vs. Volcano, starring Dean Cain and AITH's JimmyO!

C' know you have a favorite Asylum pic. Admit it! They may be cheesy but, dammit, they're a lotta fun to watch, especially if you have a six-pack to enjoy it with. Me, I'm partial to SHARKNADO, but from the looks of the recently released trailer for the upcoming AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, I could have a new Asylum guilty pleasure. It doesn't hurt that AITH's very...
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Exclusive: AITH Joins The Asylum's Airplane Vs Volcano, Saves Superman!

It was a moment unlike any other, one that will forever be seeped into my memory. Just stepping outside the lavatory door of a flight headed straight for the depth of hell I found myself faced with a conflict of epic proportions. There I was opposite the tension fueled rage of a dangerous villain with a handful of broken mini bottles held against my neck. At this very moment, I...
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Set Visit: Insidious: Chapter 2

"I think this could be my last horror film." - James Wan “He tried to castrate himself…” “One more time Barbara,” James asks behind the monitor before setting up the camera to its original position. “A little slower.” The rig swings back to its mark and then glides along the dolly again as the camera captures the...
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Set Visit: Warm Bodies, cast/crew interviews (Part 2)

READ PART 1 OF OUR SET VISIT HERE Before I headed off to Montreal for my set visit on Warm Bodies, I quickly learned that this flick is based on a book. I ran out and picked up the book and immediately found myself immersed in a unique zombie perspective that could be interpreted in a lot of different ways. Was it going to be a straight up nasty zombie flick (there is some zombie...
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