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The F*ckin Black Sheep: Thir13en Ghosts (Video)

'Tis time for another exclusive video edition of The F*cking Black Sheep, where we take a movie most people hate and give you a few reasons to re-examine the poor maligned bastard. On this week's platter is the 2001 Dark Castle production THIR13EN GHOSTS , starring Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, Embeth Davidtz, F. Murray Abraham and Matthew Lillard. What a cast. What a movie....
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Top 10 Hotties in Christmas Horror!

Ho Ho Ho my little mofos...so who's in the holiday spirit? Ah come on, what about the ungodly travel arrangements, unavoidable flu-season, insufferable family members and unbridled avarice of Christmastime DOESN'T equal utter joy? Now now, chin up friends, we got your backs. We're all in this together. In fact, I'm betting diamonds to dog-shit that after shredding through this week's Top 10,...
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Original Vs. Remake: Night of the Demons

The vast majority agreed (obviously) with the first time, full sweep victory at center stage of our last Original Vs. Remake involving everyone's favorite prom queen, CARRIE. I had an inkling that you'd all side with the Brian De Palma original as opposed to the shoddily handled remake with ChloŽ Grace Moretz. And now with that argument dead and buried, we can move on. Today marks our...
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Kill of the Day: Cursed (2005)

There's a lot to be said about Wes Craven's CURSED - and it's all bad. Now I wouldn't go as far to say I "liked" the flick but I'd go as far to say I was entertained. Thankfully Wes Craven has pretty much earned a pass by now and he used it up with CURSED. With that being said, enjoy today's Kill of the Day where music star Mya gets chased down by a werewolf! Cursed (2005)...
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