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It's the Booze Talkin': We can't get enough genre goodness at Comic Con!

This past weekend you may have noticed that we at Arrow in the Head and JoBlo found ourselves in what could be called geek paradise. San Diego Comic Con is an incredible event where superheroes and mythical figures can be found everywhere you look. And while the focus is not necessarily horror-centric – genre specific conventions aren’t terribly hard to find – there was plenty of groovy...
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Cool Horror Gear: Sharknado video game coming in time for Sharknado 2!

If you can't get enough SHARKNADO - and Syfy sure hopes you can't - then you'll be pleased to know the network is planning to release a new video game in conjunction with SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE. Finally, you get to be Ian Ziering, just like you've always wanted! Syfy enlisted Majesco Entertainment to produce an infinite runner SHARKNADO game, with you as the shark-slicing hero....
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It's the Booze Talkin': Can Hollywood take killer sharks seriously again?

What more could be said in yet another article about Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece of cinema JAWS? As well, our very own Ryan Doom examined the underappreciated gem that was JAWS 2. For me, the two films took the very primeval terror of a great white shark and made for two of the most watched movies in my personal collection. And since we are now entering summer, it is my favorite time...
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Top 10 So Bad They're Good Genre Flicks!

Damn, doesn't it seem like the summer blockbuster season starts earlier and earlier with each passing year?!? Here were are, it's only mid-May, yet we're already plunged dick deep in the time of mega-studio-tent-poles. Oh well, you know what that means, right? Yup, this where the so-bad-they're-good candidates of the year typically rear their ugly little heads. Off the dome, that Sandler...
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Sharknado 3 already greenlit by Syfy, coming in 2015

As we wrote last month , Syfy is quite smitten with its spooftastic SHARKNADO brand, and has considered making an "annual" event out of the franchise. It would appear that the wheels are definitely in motion to that effect, as it turns out the network isn't even waiting to see how the SHARKNADO 2 ratings turn out this summer: they've already given SHARKNADO 3 the greenlight....
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Cool Horror Gear: Funko's Sharknado toy!

Want a little more SHARKNADO in your life? Funko has figured out how to deliver the cheesy pop culture phenomenon to you in toy form with a new Pop! figure, which you can see below. The little guy will be coming out in June, about one month ahead of the Syfy premiere of SHARKNADO 2. I wonder if we can expect to see a Tara Reid Funko in the future? One can hope.
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Is Syfy planning to air a Sharknado movie every year?!

Hope you're not already sick of SHARKNADO news, because the gimmicky title might not even be close to going away. We know that, because of the stunning social media popularity of Syfy's ridiculous original movie last year, SHARKNADO 2 is coming our way this summer. (It continues to shoot in New York as we speak.) But can you imagine seeing flying sharks attempt to bite off Tara Reid's...
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Trailer for Airplane vs. Volcano, starring Dean Cain and AITH's JimmyO!

C' know you have a favorite Asylum pic. Admit it! They may be cheesy but, dammit, they're a lotta fun to watch, especially if you have a six-pack to enjoy it with. Me, I'm partial to SHARKNADO, but from the looks of the recently released trailer for the upcoming AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, I could have a new Asylum guilty pleasure. It doesn't hurt that AITH's very...
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Exclusive: AITH Joins The Asylum's Airplane Vs Volcano, Saves Superman!

It was a moment unlike any other, one that will forever be seeped into my memory. Just stepping outside the lavatory door of a flight headed straight for the depth of hell I found myself faced with a conflict of epic proportions. There I was opposite the tension fueled rage of a dangerous villain with a handful of broken mini bottles held against my neck. At this very moment, I...
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The Sharknado sequel has a title and it is...

I'll admit it...I'm a SHARKNADO fan! Unashamed of it, too! I even plopped down my $12.50 to see it in theaters last Friday and can honestly say I had more fun taking that film in with other fans of the cheesy SyFy/The Asylum production than I've had in the theater all year. SHARKNADO knows what it is, has its tongue planted firmly in its cheek, and makes no apologies for...
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Sharknado hitting theaters next week; Regal hosts special midnight showings

And the SHARKNADO frenzy continues on... I finally got a chance to check out SyFy/The Asylum's social networking phenomenon SHARKNADO and I gotta say that as bad as it was, I found myself enjoying it for all its cheesiness. I have found myself eagerly awaiting the recently announced sequel and plan on picking up the flick when it hits DVD and Blu-Ray in September (go...
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SyFy announces Sharknado sequel

You knew it was inevitable. With the viral success of last weeks SHARKNADO there was never any doubt SyFy would move forward with a sequel, and earlier today a press release went out confirming that SHARKNADO 2 is indeed in the works. And while the first film saw the City of Angels being overrun by flying maneaters from the deep, the sequel will take place on the other coast with...
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