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House on Willow Street gets an amazing new poster & trailer

What the hell is this movie called?  The poster, which is 100% pure badass, says the title is HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET . But if you look closely at the small print on the poster, the title is FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET. Add to that, all the news stories we have posted on the film thus far, have gone with the title FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET. Let alone the simple change...
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Sharni Vinson encounters evil From a House on Willow Street

Director Alastair Orr will have an uphill climb getting viewers to care about the lead characters in his film FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET , since they're a group of roguish kidnappers who abduct the daughter of a wealthy diamond distributor. When they have her locked up in their hideout, they realize she’s been possessed by a sinister demon. It will be tough to side with...
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Sharni Vinson is a thug in these From a House on Willow Street images

YOU'RE NEXT star Sharni Vinson is making a 180 degree turn on her newest role, portraying a somewhat villainous thug in FROM A HOUSE ON WILLOW STREET , the new film from INDIGENOUS director Alastair Orr. Check her out in action in the pics below! The film, which is a South African production, follows: roguish kidnappers who abduct the daughter of a wealthy diamond...
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Top 10 Beach Horror Hotties!

Say what now...June already? Unthinkable. But it's true folks, and with the lighter days and longer sun exposure comes a direct correlation with the dearth of clothing. Girls, we're talking to you! So, as summer fast approaches, we thought, why not kick the season off with a heartened salute to some of the sexy ladies in beach-set horror films. You know, the kind where a summer vacation in the...
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Patrick (Movie Review)

PLOT: A nurse is intrigued by a comatose patient who she eventually learns has telekinetic abilities… and an unhealthy fixation with her. REVIEW: If you like your horror movies crazier than a sack of cats than PATRICK (or PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS) will probably be for you. Mark Hartley's remake of the 1978 Ozploitation cult classic is big on spooky atmosphere, melodrama and...
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Eye popping viral footage from Mark Hartley's Patrick: Evil Awakens

Just yesterday we hit you guys with an exclusive clip from Mark Hartley's remake PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS featuring the one and only Sharni Vinson in which she interviews for a job at the psychiatric hospital. It would be in your best interest to take a quick peek at that clip if you missed it—see it HERE ! With that out of the way, it's time to turn your attention towards...
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Exclusive Clip from Patrick: Evil Awakens, starring Sharni Vinson

Back in October of last year we learned that Phase 4 Films had acquired Mark Hartley's remake of the Ozploitation classic PATRICK that had been rechristened to PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS, and today we have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP to share with you just ahead of the films theatrical and VOD bow on March 14. Directed by Mark Hartley, who celebrated Richard Franklin’s original...
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Evil awakens in the official trailer for Patrick

We now have an official trailer to go along with the release date for Mark Hartley's newly subtitled PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS . That release date, in case you missed it, will see the remake hit select theaters as well as VOD platforms on March 14th, which is much sooner than we anticipated! You will be able to find the official trailer below where we see YOU'RE NEXT 's Sharni...
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The Patrick remake gets new subtitle, poster art; U.S. release announced

Back in October of last year we learned that Phase 4 Films had acquired Mark Hartley's remake of the Ozploitation classic PATRICK and today we have learned that not only has the film been rechristened with a new subtitle, but that it is headed to select theaters and VOD much sooner than expected! Read on. Our brothers-in-blood at Fangoria have learned that the film is now...
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Kill of the Day: You're Next (2011)

So for my first film of 2014 I tapped the highly acclaimed home invasion romp YOU'RE NEXT. This thing got great ratings across the board way back when it was released. I finally had a chance to tap this little diddy and boy did I have a good time! A bit predictable but a fun ride none the less! So for today's Kill of the Day we're going with one of my favorite scenes from the flick....
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It's the Booze Talkin': Was 2013 the year Hollywood got horror right?

Only a few days left and the end of 2013 is in view. This means a number of top 10, best and worst of lists and looking back at the year that was. As a horror fan this happened to be a much better year when it came to spooks and scares. While the past twelve months may not have been monumental in the history of horror it was a very satisfying year. Looking back it seems as though we could...
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Arrow in the Head's Top 10 Horror Hotties of 2013!

'Tis the season to recall all of the gorgeous ladies who graced our screens throughout the year. Thankfully, 2013 did not disappoint one bit: we have blondes and brunettes, Aussies and Americans, sex kittens and cuties. Of course, we had to pare down the crop somewhat, but we're fairly confidant the ten hotties we've come up with will sate your appetite for a retrospective of 2013's best...
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