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Alexa Vega fights supernatural forces in trailer for The Remaining

Just last week we unraveled the first poster for a cataclysmic movie called THE REMAINING , starring the lovely Alexa Vega. Well, courtesy of iTunes, we now have the very first trailer for the post-apocalyptic thriller. Take a gander at it below and let us know if this is the type of flick you'll be checking out when it drops into theaters September 5th! Also featuring Johnny...
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The rapture takes hold in new poster for The Remaining

Good grief. It seems it's been a good 16 months since hearing of any news on THE REMAINING front, you know, the apocalyptic Alexa Vega thriller. Well folks, not only do we have an idea of when the flick will drop, we have the very first poster for the joint as well. Scroll below to see that sucker in full! Also featuring Johnny Pacar, Shaun Sipos, Italia Ricci, Bryan Dechart, Kim...
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Horror Whores: Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Man Alexandra Daddario is gorgeous. The woman is smoking hot! Plus she's a grade A Horror Whore. You can't get much better than this folks. Now sure Daddario has a drop-dead gorgeous body but man oh man that rack! Daddario's chest should really be in a class all on it's own. In today's Horror Whores we get a little tease of Daddario's goods from the recent TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. Yeah, you...
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Kill of the Day: Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Earlier today I tapped the new TEXAS CHAINSAW flick and I had fun with it. It definitely left a lot to be desired but it was a good time, no? At least the death scenes rocked! Well a couple of them at least. One of said death scenes is the first of this group of youngsters to meet good ol' Leatherface. While this poor bastard rummages through the house looking for stuff to steal all he...
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First images from end-time thriller The Remaining, starring Alexa Vega

I've always dug the end-of-the-world, book of Revelations-type of films (well, except for those LEFT BEHIND flicks - Kirk Cameron just ruined 'em for me). There's just something creepy about the biblical accounts of the end of days and it seems to be good material for films to tap to really get viewers on edge. One end-of-times flick that just wrapped photography and will be soon heading...
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