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Howl trailer brings us werewolves on a train!

  This is a pretty neat-looking number. Here's the new trailer for Paul Hyett's HOWL , which is a werewolf tale that takes place almost exclusively on a train. That ought to make the already-grueling undertaking of train travel even more unbearable. The film looks like a good bit of fun (digging the make-up effects!), so click the little box below to see the hair-raising spectacle....
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Paul Hyett's Howl gets a new poster, starring Shauna Macdonald

Although it has been a while since we’ve heard anything about Paul Hyett’s new horror film HOWL , which sounds like a gnarly addition to the werewolf genre, we do have this cool new sales poster. The poster—which you can find below—shows a bloody hand, teasing the film’s claustrophobic setup as a bunch of people on a midnight train find themselves at the...
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More details revealed for Paul Hyett's Howl, starring Shauna Macdonald

Paul Hyett will follow up his brutal directorial debut THE SEASONING HOUSE with HOWL , a film about a midnight train that gets attacked by a pack of man-hungry werewolves. Hyett has seen his fair share of the horror genre over the years as he's been the man behind the makeup of films like THE DESCENT , THE WOMAN IN BLACK , DOOMSDAY and many, many more. He recently took his...
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The Descent's Shauna Macdonald joins Ed Speleers for Paul Hyett's Howl

Last week we brought you the Cannes sales art for director Paul Hyett's upcoming werewolves-on-a-train tale HOWL, and now we've learned a few more plot details as well as the first casting announcements for this fun-sounding flick. Screen Daily is reporting that THE DESCENT star Shauna Macdonald and A LONELY PLACE TO DIE's Ed Speleers have signed on to star in HOWL,...
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Kill of the Day: The Descent: Part 2 (2009)

People across the horror community are pretty much in agreement that Neil Marshall's THE DESCENT was one solid-ass horror flick, right? Right. As far as the sequel goes... not so much. THE DESCENT: PART 2 had it's moments I suppose, but did we honestly think it could even be on par with the original? Of course not. For today's Kill of the Day we check out THE DESCENT: PART 2 and this...
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