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Shauna Macdonald encounters a creature called Nails in new trailer

The last time we caught word of TRAPPED ASHES writer Dennis Bartok's directorial debut the film was being called P.O.V. and SKYFALL Bond girl Berenice Marlohe was set to star in it. I was very interested to see Marlohe take the lead in a horror film, but things didn't work out. Marlohe had to depart the project at some point and was replaced by an actress who has some...
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Howl trailer brings us werewolves on a train!

  This is a pretty neat-looking number. Here's the new trailer for Paul Hyett's HOWL , which is a werewolf tale that takes place almost exclusively on a train. That ought to make the already-grueling undertaking of train travel even more unbearable. The film looks like a good bit of fun (digging the make-up effects!), so click the little box below to see the hair-raising spectacle....
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Paul Hyett's Howl gets a new poster, starring Shauna Macdonald

Although it has been a while since we’ve heard anything about Paul Hyett’s new horror film HOWL , which sounds like a gnarly addition to the werewolf genre, we do have this cool new sales poster. The poster—which you can find below—shows a bloody hand, teasing the film’s claustrophobic setup as a bunch of people on a midnight train find themselves at the...
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More details revealed for Paul Hyett's Howl, starring Shauna Macdonald

Paul Hyett will follow up his brutal directorial debut THE SEASONING HOUSE with HOWL , a film about a midnight train that gets attacked by a pack of man-hungry werewolves. Hyett has seen his fair share of the horror genre over the years as he's been the man behind the makeup of films like THE DESCENT , THE WOMAN IN BLACK , DOOMSDAY and many, many more. He recently took his...
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The Descent's Shauna Macdonald joins Ed Speleers for Paul Hyett's Howl

Last week we brought you the Cannes sales art for director Paul Hyett's upcoming werewolves-on-a-train tale HOWL, and now we've learned a few more plot details as well as the first casting announcements for this fun-sounding flick. Screen Daily is reporting that THE DESCENT star Shauna Macdonald and A LONELY PLACE TO DIE's Ed Speleers have signed on to star in HOWL,...
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Kill of the Day: The Descent: Part 2 (2009)

People across the horror community are pretty much in agreement that Neil Marshall's THE DESCENT was one solid-ass horror flick, right? Right. As far as the sequel goes... not so much. THE DESCENT: PART 2 had it's moments I suppose, but did we honestly think it could even be on par with the original? Of course not. For today's Kill of the Day we check out THE DESCENT: PART 2 and this...
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