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New trailer, posters for She Rises, starring Michael Biehn & Daisy McCrackin

Back in February we hit you with the weird first traile r for Larry Wade Carrell's SHE RISES, which stars SAW III and IV's Angus Macfadyen and HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION's Daisy McCrackin alongside Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. Today we have another look at the film via a new trailer that gives us another angle on things, as well as bringing you two new posters for...
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First trailer and updated synopsis for She Rises brings the weird

Ready for your morning dose of weirdness? Back in November we learned that SAW III and IV star Angus Macfadyen and HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION's Daisy McCrackin had joined the cast of Blanc/Biehn Productions SHE RISES and a month later we got a look at the first poster art for the Larry Wade Carrell-helmed flick. Today we have the first teaser trailer for the film as well as an...
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Her fantasy is your nightmare with this poster for She Rises

Just a little over one month ago we brought you the news on the latest from Blanc-Biehn Productions as SAW III-IV star Angus MacFadyen, Daisy McCrackin, Jennifer Blanc and the always awesome Michael Biehn had signed on for director Larry Wade Carrell's upcoming SHE RISES, and today we have the first artwork for the flick to share with ya below! Working from a screenplay by...
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Angus Macfadyen, Daisy McCrackin join Blanc/Biehn's She Rises

Blanc-Biehn Productions have been keeping themselves rather busy with a full slate of projects in various stages of production. We just shared the intense red-band trailer for their HIDDEN IN THE WOODS remake as well as the teaser for thier upcoming thriller THE GIRL, and it was only yesterday when we shared the teaser art for the upcoming ALTERED PERCEPTION with you. And...
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