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6 Souls, starring Julianne Moore, gets an official trailer

Earlier in the month I let you know that the Weinstein Company was finally giving a U.S. release to 6 SOULS (formally known as SHELTER), about five years after it was first announced , so not bad timing. The film, starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, will be released via VOD on March 1st and in theaters on April 5th, so we've got a trailer and poster to share with you....
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Julianne Moore's Shelter finally being released in the US, is now called 6 Souls

When I read the press release for 6 SOULS , I was hit with a heavy case of deja vu. A psychological thriller starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers about a mental patient with multiple personalities - sounds awfully familiar. And there's a reason for that: this movie was once called SHELTER, and our first article about it came all the way back in the winter of 2008 . The...
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