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Where in the Horror are they Now? Mitch Pileggi

MITCH PILEGGI THEN : If today’s Where in the Horror are they Now subject had only done one specific role, he’d still be a legend in genre. Sure you could call Mitch Pileggi a character actor, but man has he played some incredible characters. And frankly, I may just have to wait to talk about his amazing work on the popular series The X-Files just to fit everything in...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Has Hollywood forgotten about the horror greats?

When you think of your favorite horror movies, how often do guys like Carpenter, Hooper, Craven or Romero come up?  They are the names behind some of the most iconic horror films ever made. Recently - courtesy of the home video heroes Shout! Factory - I revisited John Carpenter’s THE THING and it was better than I remembered - and that's saying something...
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Dedicating Wes Craven!

READ OUR DISSECTING WES CRAVEN ARTICLE HERE "Horror films don't create fear. They release it." --Wes Craven Goddamn. I know he lead a fruitful 76 year life and all, but losing such a feted filmmaking icon like Wes Craven - whose face is deservedly and interminably etched on the Mount Rushmore of horror cinema - really, truly sucks. I mean, it's safe to say his...
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R.I.P. Master of Horror Wes Craven

It's hard to type when your hands are shaking over your keyboard. Wes Craven , legendary horror director and father of iconic villain Freddy Krueger has passed away of brain cancer at the age of 76. Born on August 2, 1939, Craven didn't direct his first film until he was in his thirties, after an aborted stint as a humanities professor at Clarkson College of Technology....
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DVD/BLU-RAY RELEASE DATES: August & September 2015!

Holy hell, when did it become August?! This summer is flying by, and now that we're officially entering the dog days, it s time to give an update to our   GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section! August is packed with good stuff, including The Walking Dead Season 5 , the long-lost cult classic ANGST , and the underrated cyber thriller UNFRIENDED . Meanwhile, September...
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Full details on Scream Factory's Blu-ray of Wes Craven's Shocker!

  Scream Factory is going absolutely mental this summer, having just announced ten new Blu-ray titles at Comic-Con while also giving us yet another two earlier today. Is there nothing they can't do? One title we already knew was on the docket: Wes Craven's cult classic SHOCKER , which was announced a few months ago. Said announcement was lacking specific details regarding the...
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Scream Factory reveals Shocker Blu-ray cover and release date!

  A big-time guilty pleasure from the 80s is being zapped back to life thanks to the creative folks at Scream Factory. Wes Craven's SHOCKER is being given a makeover by the company and will be released on September 9th of this year. Via their official Facebook page, Scream Factory has revealed the new artwork, by Nathan Thomas Millner; you can see it below. Unfortunately, details...
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The F*ckin Black Sheep: Shocker (1989)

THE BLACK SHEEP is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATH. We’re hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Dig in! Shocker (1989) Directed by Wes Craven " That could be up there as...
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Exclusive! Peter Berg wants IN on a Shocker remake with Wes Craven!

While covering a LONE SURVIVOR event for our evil stepfather site , I got the chance to talk to director and all around class act PETER BERG who of course broke into the business by way of WES CRAVEN's SHOCKER in 1989. I couldn't resist asking him about the film, which is dear to me, and here's what he had to say. I am paraphrasing here being...
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Wes Craven wants to remake Shocker?

Crave recently caught up with director Wes Craven where he spilled some good information regarding why he wants to remake SHOCKER . To no surprise it's mostly because of the dated special effects and how they were extremely limited back when they shot the film originally. To me, this is the best reason to remake a film because there's no denying that with today's technology it's much easier...
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Sell-Out or Not: Wes Craven!

Ready to decide who's a SELL-OUT OR NOT? Last time out, the majority of you felt that the great George A. Romero has NOT become a sell-out over the years . Well this column, not unlike the last, will unofficially indict either an actor, director, producer, writer - basically anyone who at one time or another held clout in the genre world - only to ultimately kowtow to the powers that be...
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