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Arrow in The Head is the official media sponsor of PUFF 2017!

The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival has my favorite abbreviation and hashtag for a festival, with #PUFF . Classic. The horror fest is gearing up for its second year and we here at AITH are proud to announce that Arrow in the Head will be the cult & horror festival's media sponsor in 2017! AITH will also present the Opening Night film (TBD), and Editor-in-Chief Eric Walkuski and The...
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Review: The ABCs of Death

PLOT: 26 short films from all corners of the globe are strung together by the letters of the alphabet. REVIEW: As a person with a sincere fondness for horror anthologies, as well as for simple "newness" in cinema, I was absolutely over-the-f*cking-moon delighted when THE ABCs OF DEATH was announced. 26 notable genre directors from all over the world each trying their hand...
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