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Necessary Evil: Silent Night Sequel!

Ho-Ho-Hello, my friends and welcome back to our final holiday installment of horror that has to happen. We had some jolly replies with regard to our last Christmas Carol Necessary Evil which was nice to see. Today, with Christmas a mere week away, there is one last holiday gift I'd like to see placed under our horror tree. Have you seen 2012's Silent Night , the...
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Face-Off: Silent Night, Deadly Night ('84) Vs. Silent Night ('12)

Considering the low take at the box office for THE COLLECTION, I guess it makes sense that no one felt the urge to weigh in on our last Face-Off . Either that, or I picked the winners of each category so perfectly, that no one had a beef with the final decision. Yeah, I'm sure that's what it was. Anyways, we can all forget about that last one, which probably won't be a problem, and...
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