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Book of Shadows director Joe Berlinger chimes in on Blair Witch's B.O. flop

The hot story today is the box office failure of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's BLAIR WITCH sequel in its opening weekend. The film only made $9.6 million domestic and failed to break the #1 slot. Although I think this whole mess has been blown vastly out of proportion (the film has already made its budget back, and it  did  beat out BRIDGET JONES' BABY and...
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Blair Witch (Movie Review)

PLOT: James, the younger brother of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT's Heather Donahue , receives a video that appears to show the infamous footage of her final days in the haunted Black Hills Forest, where the fabled Blair Witch resides. Setting out with a group of friends and two strangers who know the area, James plunges into the woods to find out what really happened to his sister....
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Is this Kickstarter part of a Blair Witch viral campaign?

Although Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's  BLAIR WITCH was secretly produced under the title THE WOODS, it didn't seem like the sequel was getting the same viral marketing treatment that made the original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT such a massive cultural phenomenon... Until now. This Kickstarter has recently gotten the attention of conspiracy-minded fans. Backdated to...
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Trailer: The Blair Witch haunts these woods, and she ain't messing around

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's latest collaboration is one of the biggest names in modern horror: BLAIR WITCH . Whenever filmmakers get an opportunity to make an entry in a classic franchise, there's always debate as to whether or not they can do justice to the original material. In this newest trailer, that answer seems to be an unequivocal yes. It might not have the...
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This Blair Witch promo returns to the house where it all began

The new  BLAIR WITCH flick from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett is going to rectify a major mistake made by BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 . Well, presumably it will improve on that film in  several  ways, but this new TV spot shows that BLAIR WITCH will be revisiting a major location from the original BLAIR WITCH PROJECT : the abandoned house in the woods where...
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A new image for Blair Witch emerges from the woods

BLAIR WITCH , the new follow-up to the iconic found footage flick from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, has had such a mysterious marketing campaign that we didn't even know the film's real title until recently. The new image that has dropped for the film is reliably murky, showing two characters huddling together but not much more. However, as little as we're...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Genre Nostalgia proves rewarding in Stranger Things!

Nostalgia can be a tricky thing when it comes to entertainment. If you rely too heavily on it, audiences can turn on you very quickly. However, like it or not it has become a huge part of the movie going experience as of late. With countless remakes, sequels and television shows based on popular films from the jpast, it’s impossible to escape good old familiarity. However, for...
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Trailer and poster for Blair Witch, aka The Woods, directed by Adam Wingard!

It had been rumored for months now, and I must say that I've known the truth for a little while but was not at liberty to say anything, but the announcement can now be made. Adam Wingard's found footage horror film THE WOODS is actually a sequel to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT . Its new title is simply BLAIR WITCH . To make the announcement even more official, a new trailer, image and...
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Shield your eyes from the blood-red new poster for The Woods

My anticipation for Adam Wingard's newest flick  THE WOODS has only grown with its bombastic ad campaign, which features quotes from a wide array of horror authorities, including our very own JimmyO. This new poster is still frustratingly mysterious (we know next to nothing about the plot other than it's about bad things happening to people in the woods), but it's a...
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Adam Wingard's The Woods reveals first trailer and poster!

Adam Wingard is bringing frights back to the found footage genre. The director of THE GUEST and YOU'RE NEXT is returning to POV horror after helming segments in V/H/S and V/H/S 2 with THE WOODS , a freaky journey into the unknown that will be released this fall. We've got the first trailer and poster for you; both can be seen below. I can disclose that I've...
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The Vicious Brothers to direct Simon Barrett penned horror-thriller Temple

UPDATE: As per Simon Barrett's Twitter (you really should follow him, he's a funny guy), we would like to clarify that Simon Barrett is not working on TEMPLE, he merely wrote the script back in 2011 with J.T. Petty ( THE BURROWERS ). He is not involved with its current incarnation in any way. The Vicious Brothers (the stage name of Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz) are a...
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The Guest director Adam Wingard heads into The Woods

I don’t need to sit here and tell you guys how good THE GUEST (pictured above) is because everyone in the world has already done that, so let’s just leave it at the guy behind that psycho-fueled action thriller and YOU’RE NEXT is getting set for a new film that takes him back into the realm of horror. Per THR, Adam Wingard has signed to helm THE WOODS for...
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