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Is Halle Berry joining Samuel L. Jackson in The Blob?

The Blob isn't a creature that does its creeping, leaping, gliding, and sliding at the quickest pace, but I wish the new remake of the 1958 classic THE BLOB would move along a little quicker. Simon West ( EXPENDABLES 2 , WHEN A STRANGER CALLS remake ) has been attached to direct the film for over two years now, with Samuel L. Jackson signed on to star as a biochemistry...
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Samuel L. Jackson still intends to fight The Blob

Two years ago, Samuel L. Jackson signed on to star in a remake of the 1958 sci-fi horror classic THE BLOB that was going to be directed by Simon West ( THE EXPENDABLES 2 , WHEN A STRANGER CALLS remake ) and was expected to be filming before 2015 was over. The movie didn't get made then, though. After two years of silence, production / finance company Goldcrest Films recently...
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The Blob isn't falling from the sky in Simon West's remake

It's been almost two years since we heard any solid news on the new remake of THE BLOB , which had Simon West ( THE EXPENDABLES 2 , WHEN A STRANGER CALLS remake ) attached to direct and Samuel L. Jackson attached to star. Two years of silence would usually be a very bad sign for a movie's chances of being made, but the website of production / finance company Goldcrest Films indicates...
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Creature feature War Wolf to be directed by Simon West

It's been nearly a year and a half since it was announced that Simon West, director of such films as THE EXPENDABLES 2 and WHEN A STRANGER CALLS 2006, had signed on to helm a new version of the sci-fi horror classic THE BLOB . Even though Samuel L. Jackson was cast in West's THE BLOB last year, it doesn't look like that project's going to be heading into...
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Samuel L. Jackson takes on The Blob for director Simon West

A remake of Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr's 1958 sci-fi horror classic THE BLOB has been in development for years. At one time, THE CONJURING writers Chad and Carey Hayes were scripting a more comedic take on the concept, and at another point Rob Zombie was (briefly) attached to write and direct, famously saying that his version of the story would not feature "a big red blobby thing". ...
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Simon West discusses The Blob remake, calls it a 'monster movie'

In January, it was revealed that EXPENDABLES 2 director Simon West  had signed on to direct a remake of the sci-fi classic THE BLOB, and it was only yesterday when we brought you some words from West shared a quick update that included a bit about where they stand on the new creature design . Now the folks at Den of Geek have gotten a few more words from West about his take on...
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Simon West talks The Blob remake and designing the creature

Back in January we learned that EXPENDABLES 2 director Simon West was set to direct a new remake of the 1958 horror/sci-fi classic THE BLOB with principal photography eyed to begin this summer. Now West has spoken with Screen Relish to give a quick update on the project and shared that we will be seeing a different kind of Blob than what we've seen before in the original film and...
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Simon West to direct the remake of The Blob; production begins this summer

It's long been rumored that we'd one day see another remake of the 1958 horror/sci-fi classic THE BLOB , and at one point rocker-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie was considering tackling the project. Those days have past but interest in bringing the gelatinous alien goo has never waned. Now Deadline is reporting that Goldcrest Films is set to co-produce an update of the classic film...
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Original Vs. Remake: When A Stranger Calls

We had a lot of great comments regarding the films from our last Maniacal Original Vs. Remake . Though both versions of Maniac got some lovin, the raw intensity of the original still won out. Better luck next time, Frodo. For today's O Vs. R, we are dialing up a creepy little number that definitely makes a babysitter think twice before checking the children. I'm talking about WHEN A...
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Top 10 Airplane Thrillers!

So, Malaysia Flight MH370? WTF?! No doubt one of the most captivating, mystifying, terrifying...not to mention unprecedented real life scenarios- one plucked right out of a Twilight Zone episode - to ever materialize (or vanish) in front of the world stage. So many theories, so many possibilities, so little (deliberate) information and evidence actually divulged. Unreal. But with all the...
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Reel Action: Stolen, starring Nicolas Cage, Josh Lucas and Malin Akerman

STOLEN (2012) Rating: 2.5 out of 4 Tagline: 10 Hours. $10 Million. 1 Kidnapped Daughter. Directed by: Simon West Starring: Nicolas Cage, Josh Lucas, Danny Huston and Malin Akerman THE PLAN: Will Montgomery has just served eight years in the slammer after a heist gone wrong. Once sprung, he finds himself squaring off with an old associate who believes he stashed...
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