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It director Andy Muschietti replaces Scott Derrickson on Locke and Key pilot

It was only a few weeks ago that we shared with you guys the news that SINISTER director Scott Derrickson was going to taking the helm of the recently announced Hulu series LOCK & KEY , based on the comic series by Joe Hill. Well, today it looks like there has been a changing of the guard, as Derrickson has exited the pilot and made room for STEPHEN KING'S IT Andy...
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Trailer: Living Among Us with found footage vampires & William Sadler

We have seen vampires in found footage before with  WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS , but we haven't seen them like this before, and for sure, not with the likes of Bill Sadler in the mix. The "new" vampire found footage film - which we first reported on way back in November of 2013 - is called LIVING AMONG US and as I said, stars William Sadler along with 90s...
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Top 10 Horror Movie Boogeymen!

Boogeymen. What exactly are they? According to the official definition, they're quite amorphous, with the term applicable to really any sort of vague embodiment of evil. That said, we've always associated the Boogeyman with the direct endangerment of young children. You know, the kind of spook-tale subject lurking in the closet, hiding under the bed, that kind of ghoulish behavior. Then again,...
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2016 will get off to a horrific start with Sinister 2 on DVD/Blu

Although I was very interested in checking the movie out, I didn't end up seeing SINISTER 2 in the theatre. Clearly I'm not the only one who saw the first SINISTER on the big screen but didn't return for its sequel, as it made just $27 million at the domestic box office, while its predecessor made $48 million. I had a good reason for skipping it, though: I want to watch...
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Exclusive: Sinister 2 clip explores mythology of Bughuul

If you're excited for the return of Bughuul, have we got a treat for you: Today we exclusively bring you the first official clip from Ciaran Foy's SINISTER 2 ! In said clip, the first film's Deputy So & So (James Ransone) and occult specialist Dr. Stromberg (Tate Ellington) discuss the ominous trademarks of the franchise's villain, Bughuul, aka Mr. Boogie. The atmosphere is thick...
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Sinister 2 app lets you spread the fear to your friends!

Let's face it, most of the vines and videos you make aren't very interesting. No no, it's true. You might even be in the market for something to spice them up? Well then, Buguul has got you covered! The creepy folks behind SINISTER 2 have just released a fun little web app called "Spread the Fear" that allows you to add some creepy Buguul action to your videos. All you have to do is...
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Top 10 Horror Movie Hangings!

So friends, THE GALLOWS. How many of you are pumped to see it this weekend? I must admit, despite the middling reviews, I sort of dig the idea of a new killer coming around with his own distinct form of murderous mayhem. Here it's the rope. The noose. The long knot. Which of course got us to thinking about all the creepy hanging scenes to be found in horror joints over the years. Not an...
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Dissecting Actor Ethan Hawke!

ACTOR ETHAN HAWKE! Ethan Hawke is a damn good actor. And you know what? After growing up and honing his craft in mostly heartfelt indies and coming of age rom-coms and the like, take a close look, the Hawke has, in the last decade or so, descended upon the darkest corners that cinema has to offer. Flicks like GATTACA, TRAINING DAY, TAKING LIVES, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT...
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The Canal (Movie Review)

PLOT: Film archivist David (Rupert Evans) and Alice (Hannah Hoekstra) purchase a place to settle down and start a family. They have a kid together, but things aren't as happy as they seem. David has some suspicions about his wife. This coincides with David's discovery of a reel of film from 1902 that seems to show a brutal murder that took place in his own home....
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Sinister 2 lands an official release date; begins filming next month

We recently learned that a sequel to Scott Derrickson's 2012 surprise hit SINISTER would begin lensing in Chicago in August with CITADEL helmer Ciaran Foy tackling directing duties . Now we've learned when we can expect SINISTER 2 to hit theaters as Focus Features have shared that the sequel to the micro-budget horror-hit will open wide in theaters on August 21, 2015. ...
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Blumhouse Productions and NBCUniversal sign 10-year production deal

Blumhouse forever! Well, for the next 10 years at least. In the wake of another strong finish for a Blumhouse genre film, THE PURGE: ANARCHY (which brought in more than $28 million at the box office this past weekend), Universal Pictures and Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions have made a new 10-year first-look production agreement, according to Deadline. This can only mean...
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Face-Off: Samara (The Ring) Vs. Mr. Boogie (Sinister)

The decision was unanimous with our last Face-Off . Everyone agreed that the sequel The Road Warrior bests the original Mad Max in every possible way. Of course, both make quite a one-two punch for back-to-back viewing. Bring on Fury Road! Today's Face-Off is loosely inspired by the forthcoming summer horror movie event, Deliver Us From Evil , from director Scott Derrickson whose...
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