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Sam Mendes and John Logan will deliver Penny Dreadful to Showtime

So it is official-- horror is taking over television. In our third horror TV news story of the day it has been announced that SKYFALL team Sam Mendes and John Logan will be bringing PENNY DREADFUL to Showtime. In November , we reported that Mendes and Logan were developing a Victorian-set monster show that would interweave the characters of Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dorian...
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AITH Podcast: The Best of 2012 Show! Plus, Looper and Killer Joe reviewed!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast rocks in the first podcast of 2013 by taking a look back at our favorite films of 2012 (6:06). We start things off with the Netflix Instant Queue Movie of the Week with THE GREY (9:05), a film that landed in both of our Top 10 lists. After Liam Neeson gets...
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