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Where in the Horror are they Now? Caroline Munro!

CAROLINE MUNRO THEN : When you talk “scream queens” you’ll find some very familiar names brought up. You have Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, Heather Langenkamp and so many more. Yet there are others with careers that have spanned several decades. One of the most stunning actresses to ever grace the world of horror may have been one of the most...
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Cool Horror Gear: Ama Lea gives horror icons the beefcake calendar treatment

The latest project from photographer Ama Lea is such an odd and unexpected horror-related item, I had to share word of its existence with Arrow in the Head readers. I can't say I've ever wondered what beefcake shots of some of horror's biggest icons would look like, but now there's no need to wonder. Lea has shot just that sort of imagery for the Year of Fear 2017...
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Face-Off: Killer Party vs. Slaughter High

I've said it before and it's a belief I stand firm on, one of the best ways to celebrate any given holiday is to watch a horror movie, specifically a slasher movie whenever possible, that has something to do with that holiday. With April Fools Day coming up this Friday you have a few options, most of which came out in 1986. Everyone knows APRIL FOOLS DAY, but two other April Fools slashers came...
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Cool Horror Gear: Awesome t-shirts from Fright-Rags

Fright Rags is one of the best sources for horror-themed t-shirts around right now. Give their website a look on any given day and you'll likely see a slew of designs that'll melt your eyeballs right in their damn sockets. Today I wanted to show them a little love because of their latest three shirts, all of which are very awesome indeed. Below you'll see designs for "They're...
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