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Sleep Tight web anthology will give you nightmares in this exclusive teaser

Hello, folks. October is coming up, so we're about to be in a very tight glut of horror content over those 31 wonderful days. One such piece of content that you certainly shouldn't sleep on is the upcoming anthology series  Sleep Tight , from director Jason Perlman. Coming via Verizon's Go90 streaming app, every episode of the 8-part series is a different horror...
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Jaume Balagueros Sleep Tight goes to DVD & Blu-ray this January

Although it's been available on VOD since October, Jaume Balaguero's latest thriller SLEEP TIGHT has been slated with a DVD & Blu-ray release date. And guess what...that date is January 8, 2013. Just a few short weeks away! Dark Sky Films and MPI Media Group are handling the release, but we're not sure about the special features the discs will include. We do have a synopsis...
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