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Slender Man starts shooting in Boston this summer

Last week we shared with you guys the news that STOMP THE YARD director Sylvain White's SLENDER MAN movie had gathered up a cast including Joey King (WISH UPON) Annalise Basso (OCULUS), Talitha Bateman (ANNABELLE: CREATION) Julia Goldani-Telles, Jaz Sinclair and Alex Fitzalan, and that the flick is set to hit May 18, 2018.   Today we have news that the film seems right...
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Stomp the Yard director to helm Slender Man project for ScreenGems

Creepypasta is taking over the media right now as the Internet takes more of a hold over the genre and the SyFy series Channel Zero is bringing the stories to eerie life. But the poster monster of the online horror movement is the Slender Man, a creepy forest-dwelling figure who preys on young children. He will be featured in the upcoming HBO doc BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN , but he'll...
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Reality and fantasy collide in trailer for HBO doc Beware the Slenderman

Creepypasta memes online have been popular for a long time, but the upcoming HBO doc  BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN shows the dark reality behind the terrifying fiction. The BEWARE filmmakers gained exlusive access to the families of the 12-year-old girls who stabbed a classmate twenty times, claiming to be inspired by the fictional creepypasta character the Slenderman. ...
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The Slender Man is actually getting a movie

It seems like every couple months or so, we hear about a new project based on the popular creepypasta meme The Slender Man. Some of them come to fruition, like the indie flick  ENTITY or the HBO doc BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN . However, most of these only amount to rumor, like the theory that the next season of American Horror Story would focus on the sinister presence....
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Web series Marble Hornets flying to big screen

Popluar web series MARBLE HORNETS, whose YouTube channel has more than 250,000 subscribers with over 55 million views of its 65 episodes, has just been tapped to become a feature length horror film from production company Mosaic, Variety has reported. Joining Mosaic on the production is Kirill Baru and John Zaozirny with James Moran, the second unit director on the past three...
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