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The Slender Man is actually getting a movie

It seems like every couple months or so, we hear about a new project based on the popular creepypasta meme The Slender Man. Some of them come to fruition, like the indie flick  ENTITY or the HBO doc BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN . However, most of these only amount to rumor, like the theory that the next season of American Horror Story would focus on the sinister presence....
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Beware the Slenderman doc to hit HBO, gets new poster

There has been a wealth of creepypasta-related content cropping up in the past year or so, because the Hollywood machine is nothing if not diligent about trends from a few too many years ago. However, the newest example of the genre is an intriguing one. HBO will soon be airing BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN , a documentary from Irene Taylor Brodsky (HEAR AND NOW). She has gained exlusive...
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Get spooked by the Slenderman in this Entity trailer

It's the Friday before Christmas break and news is slow. On the bright side, it affords us time to highlight little indie gems like ENTITY. Not to be confused with the Barbara Hershey poltergeist rape movie, ENTITY is a film centering on the internet generated monster known as The Slenderman. The wild popularity of the public domain character has made it prime fodder for a...
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