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Chance the Rapper and Zazie Beetz star in horror comedy Slice

Distributor A24 has released a teaser trailer for director  Austin Vesely's horror comedy SLICE ... and it's one of those teasers that really lives up to that name, because it tells you absolutely nothing about the film. From watching it, all you get is that the movie has something to do with pizza, a delivery person, and a creature with claws. I had to look to an...
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Face-Off: Friday the 13th Part VI Vs. Friday the 13th Part VII

Well, holy hand grenade! I sure was blown away by the number of readers that disagreed with our last Face-Off ! Everyone thought that The Descent should have bested Pitch Black and you know what? I totally agree with ya! The Descent is one of my faves, yet if you look at the categorical comparison, it still makes sense how Pitch scored the upset. Regardless, it was fun reading all the...
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